Unseen side of Cybersecurity Part 1

Note:This work is based on complete collection of incidents which I analyzed for quiet some time .And some interviews which I did in #darkweb #ircforums .But we are just giving our opinions based on the information we got and analysis we did.

Well all the big pictures of cybersecurity we see is it the only side of #cybersecurity .

May or may not be ..

Some thing more exists in cyber domain but only few incidents make it to news .

Three incidents inspired me to write this article .

1.The famous whistle blower #edsnowden episode

2.The US election case ..#espionage

3.Due to recent incidents with the arrest of cybersecurity researcher Marcus Hutchins known as( malware tech guy )who made kill switch for #wannacry ransomware made speculation …after attending #defcon ..


who are #shadowbrokers ?

People may be left clueless how a cyber security researcher can be arrested ?

One needs to know the underlying context and relevance of these incidents

Decoding life of a person whomsoever you can name them by (cybersecurity researcher ,cyber criminal and traitor )…

This is just a series to begin to reveal the unseen side of cyber security …

Before we understand the entire process .

One need to understand how malware research works

“Several malware researchers setup accounts under pseudo names on darkweb hacking forums to of criminals so they can gather intelligence about malicious threats . This clarifies the actions of a malware researcher studying malware can depict to those of a cyber criminal who developed it ”

Many would be wondering how a cybersecurity researcher can be arrested that too a person who developed Kill Switch for #wannacry ransomware and worked with GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) to mitigate the threat.

But the allegations were completely different his involvement in a separate piece of malware called Kronos, which targeted bank accounts — charges that could result in 40-year prison sentence.

As with most software, Kronos incorporated portions of code from other available tools, including banking trojan Zeus — a malware package that attempts to steal confidential information such as bank details from the compromised computer — and botnet creation kit Carberp. Some of the components of Kronos may have originally been developed for non-malicious purposes. This makes it difficult to determine which parts of the malware, if any, Hutchins could be responsible for, despite the government’s allegations that he was its sole creator.

But their were few points which needs to be noticed …

I want to interlink some things before …

How malware researchers collect malware samples

to be continued in next part.