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Hurry Home Finishes Tech Stars Chicago 2018 with Demo Day Pitch

Watch co-founder Jada McLean pitch their new homeownership model to a room of mentors and investors.

Hurry Home Co-Founder Jada McLean at the INVANTI Cohort 1 Showcase

Hurry Home, one of the ventures that emerged from INVANTI Cohort 1, recently finished a 6-month stint with accelerator Tech Stars Chicago. Co-founders John Gibbons and Jada McLean aim to solve a big problem — many people have been shut out of the mainstream paths to homeownership, missing out on the key way families build wealth in America.

Their new homeownership model is built on the fact that there exists desirable houses that cost less than $60,000 and there exists people who want them, but banks are unable to profitably originate mortgages in this range. Prospective homeowners are left to either continue on renting, earn no equity, or find seller-financing, a field with its own big problems.

Watch Jada pitch the model and connect it to real people in real homes right here in South Bend:

Hurry Home Co-Founder Jada McLean Pitching at Tech Stars Chicago

John and Jada are in the middle of their pilot program here in South Bend with an initial goal of making 10 new homeowners. To get in touch as a buyer, investor, or partner, check out their website.

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