Hurry Home Wins Awards for Social Impact and Minority-Ownership

One month out of INVANTI, the South Bend-based startup is building momentum towards a pilot

INVANTI Ventures
May 1, 2018 · 3 min read
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Hurry Home co-founder Jada McLean near INVANTI’s home in South Bend

Last week the McCloskey New Venture Competition came to a close by awarding $400,000 in cash prizes to startups. Hosted by Notre Dame’s IDEA Center, the competition was open to entrepreneurs outside of the university for the first time.

Jada McLean and John Gibbons, co-founders of Hurry Home, walked away with three awards:

  • Kem Krest Best Minority Owned Business — $10k
  • Klau Family Award for Greatest Social Impact — $15k
  • Innovation Park at Notre Dame Award — 6 months office space

On Monday John reflected that “It was exciting to win and see that people believe we have the best opportunity to make the biggest impact out of all the companies there.” He added that winning the Kem Krest Best Minority Owned Business was especially exciting because it’s not just social enterprise validation — they had to compete against all of the other ventures.

Hurry Home is one of the ventures emerging from INVANTI Cohort 1. This first cohort had the goal of starting new companies that tackle issues affecting the financial health of Americans.

Forbes writer Anne Field explains the backstory and vision behind Hurry Home in her recent piece on Cohort 1:

Jada and John are currently preparing for a pilot here in South Bend with a goal of putting ten families in homes by the end of 2018. Jada explained that the awards will help with working capital, as they are currently bootstrapped and pre-funding.

Interested in Hurry Home? Check out their website, and watch co-founder John Gibbons’ interview with Dustin and Maria:

Don’t wait for an “A-HA!” moment to start building a company that matters — applications for Cohort 2 are now open:


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