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Inconsequential? The Benefits Of Sequential Messaging In Social

When it comes to social media campaigns, there are many ways you can create and craft your messaging strategy. In this Social Download, Orchard’s Social Community Content Manager, Benjamin Yap, gives us the lowdown on one such strategy — sequential messaging.

What is it?

Sequential messaging is a relatively simple but effective strategy. In essence, it tells a longer narrative through a series of ads. It has the ability to cut through the clutter of more generalised advertising and create a stronger connection with the user. Over time, users are shown a sequence of ads specifically designed to resonate with them, with the process ultimately leading to your campaign’s end goal (e.g. purchase, sign-up).

To successfully tell a compelling sequential story, it’s imperative to know your audience and what makes them tick. It’s the tried-and-true fundamentals that ultimately lead your audience down the story to ensure a successful campaign.

1. Understanding your audience — identify the behaviours of your target audience and general attitudes towards your product or service.

2. Create value — determine the value proposition of your product/service and how it can be the solution to your customers’ pain points.

3. Crafting your message — whether it’s using emotional or rational messaging, static images or videos, this is where you create your narrative that guides your audience down the customer journey

4. A strong call to action — the final step to get your customer to convert. The call to action could be in the form of a lead magnet or product discount.

For Flordis, we began by introducing the topic of cognitive health.
Before using sequential messaging to promote a webinar for healthcare professionals.

Sequential messaging and social media.

The big benefit of running sequential messaging on social media is the ability to retarget previously engaged audiences. For example, we can retarget audiences who have watched at least 50% of the video in our first ad. Doing this allows us to know that the new messaging is reaching those who have already shown interest and we are able to guide them further down the narrative.

This not only improves our likelihood of conversions, but potentially minimises wasted budget as we are allocating the media towards a more engaged and qualified user.

This combination of compelling sequential messaging and retargeting allows us to reach our customers at the right moment in the customer journey. Whether that’s showcasing additional product benefits in the form of a video to customers who have visited your website but have not yet purchased, or showing a 20% off discount ad to a customer who hasn’t purchased but has added-to-cart to get them over the line.

The takeaway

Sequential messaging allows you to tell a story and effectively convey your value proposition to your audience. It can create a more cohesive experience for your target audience and enables you to identify customers who are highly engaged with your content. Each stage of your campaign provides insights into what content resonates the most which presents opportunities to optimise future campaigns to achieve your campaign goals.

Want to test sequential messaging in your next social campaign? Reach out to the Strategy team at Orchard to see how we can make a consequential change to your business.




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