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Search is becoming time and context sensitive

“Increasingly, we’re using search to surface real-time information that informs our immediate short-term planning. This is a significant shift from its previous role as a tool designed to navigated content archives.”

Time-based search queries are on the rise

According to Google’s latest data, queries containing “open now” have grown by 300% year over year. Searches for products or services open “today” or “tonight” have grown by 150%, while “same day shipping” queries are up 120%. A 120% increase has also been seen in queries containing “wait time” (indicating customers are researching average queuing periods).

Source: Google Data, U.S., Jan.–June 2015 vs. Jan.–June 2017

Search is informing our short-term planning

Over and above researching major travel, life and purchase decisions, search is becoming an integral tool in our minute-to-minute decision making each day. From choosing a breakfast spot on a Saturday morning to deciding where to park or shop in an afternoon, consumers increasingly expect search results to be ‘real time’.

What does this mean for us?

As we design and build new sites, we must ensure they surface relevant ‘real time’ information (opening hours, availability, time-based pricing and accurate locations) as accurately as possible to enable Google’s display of this information before a user even clicks on our result.

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