InventoryClub Launches Testnet

An exciting new development has been made by the InventoryClub team. The InventoryClub team has now launched a testnet environment of the entire InventoryClub ecosystem, giving new users the ability to explore the platforms.

Testnet was designed for the general public to get an idea of how the platform can be used to generate a personal income. Testnet allows you to become a merchant (if you are from the Commonwealth) or a member (globally) with InventoryClub. Testnet gives you a platform to practice how to grow your own successful footwear business on ‘Commwea’ if you sign up as a merchant or create passive income for any members who invest into a proposal.

Head on over to testnet (click the image)

The testnet environment allows you to test/play around with every aspect of the ecosystem, allowing you to get comfortable before tossing your hat in and joining the real thing.

After signing up as a member or a merchant, you can create or purchase proposals, view the product catalogs, manage your dashboard, see your products on the ecommerce store, and more. Essentially, you get to explore every facet of what you can do in the live version of the platform.

Testnet runs completely on its own. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything you do carrying over into the live platform. This gives you the freedom to explore the platform however you choose. For members, signing up gives you access to a personal wallet full of ‘testnet VNT’ for you to use to purchase testnet proposals. So, buy ten proposals for £5 each just to see how the process works. Or if you’re a merchant, create ten separate proposals and get a feel for crafting a winning proposal that gets funded. Then, once you’ve got the hang of things, head over to the live marketplace and begin your journey.