Know your enemies

To fake or not to fake

Facing the fake isn’t easy nor pleasant, but it’s mandatory. Fake watches are everywhere, and you have to know how to recognize them to not loose your money.

There are 2 kinds of fake : the franken watch, and the totally fake watch.

it’s not always that easy

The full fake (FF)

It’s easy to understand, everything in the watch is junk, from the bracelet to the movement. Most of the FF are of latest watches: it’s harder to counterfeit the patina, and the overall feeling of a watch that lived (scratches, dings,.. but also a dial painted by hand).

Problem with the FF is that counterfeiters are becoming better every year. They buy an original watch, tear it apart, and copy almost each part (certain movements are still too complicated, but not all). Of course, the copy is not perfect, and you can detect flaws, but you have to learn what to look for, and have good pictures of the watch.

There are several fake watches forums. I will not give you the direct links, but you may (sadly) find them easily on search engines (just type replica watch forum). Why I’m saying that? Because, these are the places where people discuss the latest fakes available, and their differences with genuine watches. As I explained in previous articles, the best way to spot the differences is to take pictures of a watch you want to purchase, and to compare it, part by part, to the fake one. You have to be methodical and not in a hurry, every detail has its importance: dial, glass, bracelet, bezel, buckle, indexes, crown. Look at everything, and if you are in doubt, just don’t buy the watch. I’m serious. This price is probably too good to be true and you know it!

Accessories can be also counterfeited: from the original box to the warranty! When they’re capable of faking a dial, copying a piece of paper is easy as pie.


The Franken

Like Frankenstein, there are original parts and fake parts in this watch. Counterfeiters love to do this to vintage watches: the dial and movement will be original, the case, hands and crystal will be fake. They will use parts that are easily copied, and where the differences are hard to spot.

In this situation, you will need the expertise of genuine watches forums and of well known dealers. I created a list for this here. Franken watches can be really hard to detect, so you will have to be patient, methodical, and up to date. For example, 2 years ago, high quality fake vintage Rolex dials were discovered. If you missed that info, you probably regret it by now. I even saw that kind of dials in auctions from respectable houses.

This fake is scary . (c) Rolexpassionmarket

I hope this article helped you in your watch quest.

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