Prioritizing Equity: Building Capacity to Share Power in Philanthropy

CEO Rodney D. Foxworth, Jr. shares how and why Invested Impact builds relationships and cultivates the capacity for leaders in philanthropy to leverage and share their power to support under-resourced leaders.

via Jopwell
“We take a different approach. We think about the capacities that are needed to be built within institutions and individuals with power. There are so many philanthropists and investors that we work with that, when their journey begins — because again, equity is a journey — they’re really inquisitive and often times hesitant to be introspective about what their power means. We work with them and over a sustained period of time, sometimes within weeks, sometimes it’s longer, years, they come to the table really excited about being an authentic partner in community. They don’t necessarily see themselves as outsiders coming in, they see themselves as authentic partners to phenomenal leaders.”
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