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Investin beta is now live on Solana!

Investin, the decentralized fund management protocol is live on Solana. Traders, head unto to start your decentralized funds and accept investments from anyone in a non custodial manner. Solana’s blazing fast transaction speed coupled with the low network fees allow fund management at the cheapest cost you can find anywhere be it off-chain or on-chain.

What’s in it for investors?

The protocol will allow anyone to check out the funds available to invest in and their relative performances. The protocol is designed to make investing experience frictionless and trustworthy for everyone. The assets are stored in a non-custodial way and the programs have been designed carefully with no functions that can allow anyone except the investors themselves to withdraw their invested assets.

The only work investors have to do is pick the right fund to invest in, sit back and let the manager/trader work for them, there will be no extra fee charged except the one time management fee at the time of deposit and performance fee at the time of withdrawal (charged only if the trader meets their expected returns on assets) that will be deducted by the program.

What’s in it for traders/fund managers/algo traders?

The protocol allows anyone to start their own fund and accept investment to their delegated vaults and trade using the assets on decentralized exchanges. The protocol is non-custodial all assets are stored in programs on-chain and no one except the investor will be allowed to access their invested funds. The address that deployed the fund using the protocol will be the only address allowed to trade using assets sent to their vault.

Investin uses Raydium swap pools as its trading engines i.e. all trades are routed through Raydium. Traders can be confident to swap large amounts with no risk of front running since solana’s architecture uses proof of history mechanism to submit transactions which makes front running impossible. The cost of swapping tokens and fund creation is negligible compared to fees that a trader/manager earns.

The performance fee and management fee are to be set at the time of creating the fund. The management fee will be sent to the trader’s address when an investor deposits. The expected returns the trader will be making should be given to program as well, this return percentage will be used to evaluate the performance when any investor withdraws and if the expected return percentage is met the trader will receive their performance fee if not then they won’t make any money for that transaction.

The first 100 managers* and investors* will be airdropped 100 IVN tokens when IVN tokens are migrated from Binance smart chain to Solana.

IVN token migration

The Investin token (IVN) have a fixed supply of 9,000,000 tokens and no new coins can be minted, we are currently in contact with anyswap protocol and project Serum to build a decentralized tunnel that allows IVN to be migrated easily from binance smart chain to ethereum to solana and vice versa. And actively looking at options to provide liquidity on Raydium.

Beta version

This is the beta version of the protocol and has limited features(only swaps and limited trading pairs). The stable version currently being tested have full support to Raydium, Serum, Mango markets, and much more integrations. We understand the needs of traders and will work to add all necessary tools to trade in all market conditions.

💬 Join Us!

*At the time of snapshot managers handling greater than 500$ aum and investors invested greater than 100$ in funds will be eligible for the airdrop.



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