Investin token is migrating to Solana through Allbridge

Sep 17 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce that Allbridge, the leading cross chain bridging protocol is helping us migrate IVN tokens from Binance smart chain to Solana and allow Investin to establish its offering on Solana blockchain.

To bridge your IVN tokens all you need to do is visit Allbridge and follow the steps:

  1. Connect your BSC wallet
  2. Add in your Solana wallet address on which you want to receive abIVN tokens and enter the amount of IVN to send
  3. Approve the tokens and confirm the send transaction on your BSC wallet and make sure to copy the transaction hash for later use.
  4. Once the transaction is confirmed, connect the Solana wallet you entered to receive the tokens and click recieve.
  5. After receiving the abIVN visit Investin token migration page and swap abIVN tokens for IVN tokens (iVNcrNE9BRZBC9Aqf753iZiZfbszeAVUoikgT9yvr2a)

Please visit Allbridge telegram if you have any doubts or stuck on any step.

IVN token on Solana blockchain will be swapped (1:1) for bridged abIVN to IVN

You can trade swapped IVN tokens for USDC on and Raydium protocol!(iVNcrNE9BRZBC9Aqf753iZiZfbszeAVUoikgT9yvr2a)

What’s next?

IVN tokeneconomics is going through a massive remodeling. In order to encourage a sustained relationship with profitable traders and Investin, a performance mining program will soon be launched with 500 IVN tokens in rewards everyday. This program will enable us to distribute IVN tokens among fund managers that qualify according to a ranking system encouraging more traders to join Investin and mine IVN tokens. IVN will be used to unlock important privileges/features and distribute fees among best performing fund managers.

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