Orca swaps integrated!

Oct 15 · 2 min read

Investin is the first decentralized fund management protocol live on Solana that facilitates trust-less interactions between prospecting investors and aspiring traders, the protocol provides an open market for investors and traders to exchange their offering in a trust-less and non-custodial environment.

Realising our vision to become one of the most composable protocols on Solana, we have added another protocol to our integration bag. Now fund managers can trade on Orca, along with Raydium, unlocking a whole lot of new liquidity from the Solana ecosystem. This would not only enable managers to get the best price for their trade but also profit from arbitrage opportunities.

The Orca integration opens a wide variety of tokens to be traded through Investin funds thereby allowing fund managers to have more opportunities to make it in the markets.

To begin with we have whitelisted the following tokens on Orca:

  1. ETH
  2. ORCA
  3. ATLAS
  4. POLIS
  5. ABR
  6. LIQ
  7. SBR
  8. SAMO
  9. PORT

We are glad to be one of the first protocols to start the DeFi 2.0 revolution on the Solana blockchain by building over major DeFi legos.

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