Digital Frontier — A Way Forward

Dario Vins
Apr 28, 2018 · 1 min read


Europe faces a number of challenges that can be overcome only by an innovative, digitally savvy and entrepreneurial society. The digital frontier offers opportunities for innovation and introduction of new products for the global consumer, inclusion in education and workplace, and enables new ways of interacting, working and learning.

The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region requires a new growth model to reach the European digital frontier, a model based on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the new millennial generation.


Investing with Impact

Impact-investment focused publication that addresses…

Dario Vins

Written by

Impact Investments @mifventures, CIM IF @ Mozaik Foundation / GIZ GmbH

Investing with Impact

Impact-investment focused publication that addresses impact-driven investment themes. Managed by @mifventures

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