CSP DAO Partners with ICO Pantera

CSP DAO keeps on growing to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of our ecosystem. We are excited to announce our new Partners — ICO Pantera Group, a leading growth accelerator in Korea, one of the largest cryptocurrency markets. This partnership will help increase our marketing power and would help bring more exposure and support to our investments and benefit our partners.

About ICO Pantera

The ICO Pantera Group owns the largest Korean crypto community in TG, KOL. They constantly generate success for their clients, and with a strong presence on the Korean market already, we are looking forward to seeing the fruits of this emerging collaboration.

ICO Pantera has established partnerships with many largest crypto exchanges, such as Kucoin, OKEX, or MXC, and helped projects like Polkadot, Cosmo Chain, DAO Stack, or One Ledger to gain initial traction and reach new audiences.

Telegram Community : t.me/panteragroup
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/icopantera/
Website: icopantera.kr


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