CSP DAO Project Review: Authtrail

Authtrail is a universal platform for data integrity and verification that adds value to enterprises through advanced blockchain and cryptography technologies. It gives users the ability to check the integrity of enterprise data and its history without relying on a trusted external authority.

The mission of Authtrail is to support digitized organizations in leveraging quality and reliable data, so they expand to new business opportunities, bring down costs, and gain a competitive edge.

The vision of Authtrail is to become a backbone and go-to service for protecting and verifying essential data, documents, contracts, and other business material to allow anyone with access to check their integrity, relying purely on technology and not human agents.


Deployed on a cloud, Authtrail stores data and periodically anchors its fingerprints to the blockchain. This way, it ensures data integrity while increasing performance and decreasing transaction costs.

  • Easy integration: Instead of dealing with complex code, Authtrail is easily integrated and boasts an intuitive user interface that speeds up adoption.
  • High capacity: Unlike products that lack scalability due to high transaction costs, Authtrail can hash and store large amounts of data more affordably.
  • Passport-grade data identity: By anchoring data fingerprints on the blockchain, Authtrail provides a complete overview of enterprise or product data history.
  • Zero data risk: Dealing only with data hashing and anchoring, Authtrail never stores data on private servers, which means no GDPR issues or data leakage risks.


  • Finance: Authtrail provides a thorough insight into compliance with data protection standards and legal demands at a lower cost of internal and external audits.
  • Manufacturing: Authtrail provides advanced traceability and shareability of product data to prevent disputes and boost product life cycle (PCL) management.
  • Healthcare: Authtrail ensures high security and regular audit of sensitive electronic health record (EHR) data for optimal data management at a lower price tag.
  • Pharma: Authrail enables easy product traceability and audit trail of production events and parameters for greater customer trust.


Authtrail token (AUT) is the platform’s native utility token. AUT has multiple utilities in the ecosystem.

Currently, it is used to purchase anchoring credits, and One anchor credit is needed to anchor data to the blockchain and can be acquired by exchanging AUT tokens.

The number of AUT tokens required to purchase an anchor credit depends on the market price of the AUT token in USD and the current price of one anchor credit in USD.


The raised funds will primarily power further product development according to the Roadmap while securing new business and growth opportunities to adopt advanced Authtrail solutions.









Telegram: https://t.me/Authtrail

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/authtrail

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authtrail



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