CSP DAO Project Review: DeSyn Protocol

Investments & Partnerships
5 min readOct 10, 2022

DeSyn Protocol is a DeFi asset management protocol in Web 3, which allows users to create and manage customized pools-based portfolios with a variety of on-chain assets such Portfolio/ETFs, tokens, NFTs, derivatives and more via smart contract.

DeSyn Protocols continues to evolve itself to meet the incoming challenges from the market and new demands from customers on every aspect including products, operations and people. While many things are changed to better serve the community, Desyn still holds the same vision since its launch: to build a new generation of DeFi asset management protocol, which gives everyone a secure, transparent and affordable access to create and trade innovative financial products, so as to actively promote an equal financial inclusion all over the world.

DeSyn Protocol is a Tier 1 project with a great team and backing of leading investors. They create more useful financial products with their partners for investors particularly for this bear market, such as leveraged ETFs, leveraged staking ETFs, DeFi lending funds, DeFi market-making funds, and more. Additionally, DeSyn will allow the portfolio managers to deploy strategies in decentralized finance by connecting with other crypto projects such as AAVE, Compound and others, to create fixed income and structured products to better meet market’s demand.

DeSyn Protocol product beta was launched by late Nov in 2021. Since its inception, the project has had two rounds in total: First at 40M valuation and the second at $50M to $80M valuation.


The DeSyn Protocol introduces procedures for creating, issuing, rebalancing, managing, and trading on-chain assets (Tokens, NFTs, etc ) using a collection of smart contracts based on customized liquidity pools (Portfolios/ETFs). It includes five key components:

  • Portfolios/ETFs Management
  • Trading
  • Price Oracle
  • Settlement
  • DSN

The DeSyn smart contract contains the business logic for everything in the Pool’s lifecycle including creating, issuing, redeeming, rebalancing, and more. A Pool is initially designed and created through the smart contract and its specified Factory. Provided the user has all the underlying, pools are then funded or issued through the standard Issuance Flow. Users can have their Pools updated by issuing a Rebalancing Pool Token. Finally, a Pool can be redeemed by burning the owner’s Pool token and retrieving the components.

There are various participants in the DeSyn network:

  • Portfolio/ETF Creators: They use their expertise, creativity, and intuition to design, create and issue market-attractive Portfolios/ETFs. Basically, this comprises some traders, KOLs, and fund managers.
  • Users: They can directly purchase the corresponding Portfolio/ETF from different centralized and decentralized liquidity trading pools for investment. More so, they can issue their corresponding tokens into the pool to get Portfolio/ETF token. Participants hold or exchange the corresponding Portfolio/ETF token for asset management and investment.
  • Traders: They actively inject liquidity into CEX and DEX to obtain liquidity rewards. At the same time, they also secure the arbitrage opportunities between numerous exchanges and make arbitrage profits. Traders also create better trading liquidity and experience for everyone on the platform.


Since the launching of v1 products, the project has come up with the DeSyn Protocol v2 based on numerous feedbacks from the community and potential partnerships with a variety of projects in the crypto industry.

  • Customers: DeSyn will not only serve investors and portfolio managers, but also help various projects including DeFi, NFTs, public chains and more, structure their tokens offering into a simple, accessible one.
  • Fund structure: On v2, the project has come up with the most important feature which is to have a variety of basic fund structures — Open-ended structure and Close-ended structure — for everyone. This way, investors can easily understand them and on the other hand, portfolio managers can comfortably deploy their investment strategies.

Other Features

Other important changes or features on V2 includes:

  • Abandoning both swap and platform stablecoin functions
  • Setting up multi-signature function for fund operation
  • Allowing rebate mechanism for fund operation
  • Integrate with Uniswap for portfolios managers to conduct liquidity management for portfolio tokens
  • Streamline each process to better serve customers


Investors can utilize the DS token to pay for protocol fees, stake to save fees, stake DSN to participate in pre-sale of Portfolios/ETFs, as well as stake DSN to share revenue from DeSyn vault.

Furthermore, portfolio managers can pay for protocol fees, stake to save fees, stake DSN to participate in Portfolios/ETFs launch pad, and also stake DSN to be a member of a partnership program for portfolio managers. The project has also added DeSyn Vault to provide token holders a place for staking and sharing platform revenue.


2021 Q2

  • Project Launch
  • Fundraising — Round 1
  • Product Beta Planned

2021 Q3

  • Product v1 Beta: Portfolios and ETFs, AMM Trading
  • Fundraising — Round 2 — start
  • Branding/Community

2021 Q4

  • Fundraising — Round 2 — Finish
  • Product v1 Beta Testing (internal and public)
  • Marketing community growth, AMA & Airdrop
  • Partnership Plan — Portfolios ETFs, KOLs, Channels such as Exchanges

2022 Q1

  • Product v2 Beta launch
  • Multiple portfolios/ETFs with partners
  • Marketing/Community Devwlop

2022 Q2

  • Product v2 Public Testing and Audit
  • Product v2 and multichain deployment (BSC, Polygon, and more) Partnership and Community Develop and Grow

2022 Q3

  • Product v2 Mainnet Launch on Ethereum
  • More Managers launch Portfolios/ ETFs
  • Partnership and Community Develop and Grow

2022 Q4

  • Product v3 Design Start
  • Product v2 multichain deployment ( BSC, Polygon and More)
  • More Managers launch Portfolios/ ETFs
  • Partnership and Community Develop and Grow

2023 Q1

  • Product v3 Design Start
  • Product v2 multichain deployment ( BSC, Polygon and More)
  • More Managers launch Portfolios/ ETFs
  • Partnership and Community Develop and Grow


The project has secured strategic partnership with multiple exchanges and strong connections:

  • Asymmetries Technology
  • AZ CaPital
  • Bibox
  • Bing Ventures
  • 3Beasts Capital
  • Cipholio
  • Everest Ventures Group
  • Incuba Alpha
  • jDAC
  • Luidblue
  • MEXC Global
  • NEO
  • OKX Blockdream Ventures
  • PAKA
  • Polygon
  • SNZ
  • TokenInsight
  • TRON
  • TGE Capital
  • WestLabs
  • XTStarter


Official Website: https://www.desyn.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesynLab

Telegram: https://t.me/desynlab

Discord: https://discord.gg/ByQv4WHYPs

⚡️CSP DAO Chat Room: https://t.me/CSPDAO_CHAT

🏆 CSP DAO Announcement Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAESl56FZJlJjcyKbuw

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