CSP DAO Project Review: Doragon Land

DoragonLand is a 3D tower rush game that integrates the battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where players can duel with others to collect NFT items and DOR tokens in real-time.

Inspired by the gripping gameplay of Clash Royale and powered by the top artwork design studio in Asia — Thunder Cloud Studio that ensures top-notch graphics, DoragonLand brings game players the most immersive
experience in the NFT gaming world.

DoragonLand’s vision is to become the top blockchain game where
everyone can participate in and generate regular income in real life.
Dragonland aims to contribute to the game industry not just as a means
of entertainment but also as a way of earning real financial benefits and
cultivating financial knowledge.


Doragonland is an insanely simple yet hard to master the online battle brawler video game. The game integrates elements of collectable card games, tower
defence, and RTS.

  • Doragonland pits players in games featuring two or four players (1v1 or 2v2). The objective is to destroy opponents’ towers, with the demolition of the Master’s Tower resulting in an instant win.
  • After two minutes, if both sides remain an equal number of towers, the match will continue into a 1-minute overtime period. If no towers are destroyed after the overtime, players will be put into sudden death mode for 30 seconds, in which the recovery speed doubles.
  • Once the sudden death mode is over, if there is a tiebreaker, the winner will be determined by the damage they inflict on their opponent. The game will end up in a draw if there’s no or equal damage caused from both sides.


There are multiple gameplay modes supported within the game, namely:

  • Battle Pass
  • Clan
  • Clan Wars
  • Tournament & E-sports
  • Leaderboard and Arenas


$DOR is the utility token in the game. $DOR serves multiple utilities in the ecosystem.

  • Participating in the game: Players can use DOR to buy dragons and in-game items on the marketplace. Players use their characters and show their skills and different strategies to fight in the battles through gameplay. Winners will receive rewards with dragons and in-game items as rewards.
  • Trading on the marketplace: By owning tokens, DOR token holders participate in the decentralized financial market to earn
    more profit. Also, players can buy their NFTs on the need to upgrade their dragon warriors. Vice versa, players can sell these NFT items to get DOR back
  • GameFi: Besides the play-to-earn mechanism in the game, players can also gain passive income from engagement in the game. Staking is a GameFi feature in DoragonLand in which users can stake SDOR in versatile use cases up to one’s preference.
  • Payment: DOR holders can use DOR to settle payments and experience many additional Gamefi functions shortly along with the game's development. The first move is joining the staking
    and lending NFT items function.








Telegram: https://t.me/doragonland

Medium: https://doragon-land.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoragonLand_DOR



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