CSP DAO Project Review: Eizper Chain

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5 min readOct 12, 2022

Eizper Chain is the first blockchain-based ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) having the Free-to-Play(F2P) and Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept. The blockchain action multiplayer role-playing game features a high fantasy, steampunk art style, with high-quality graphics, as well as an in-game economy powered by Solana blockchain technology.

In November, 2021, Eizper Chain secured the 3rd place at the Global Solana Hackathon Ignition, competing amongst more than 5000 projects from all over the world. Eizper Chain became the first Indonesian project to combine free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics in a Solana-powered blockchain game. With more killer features like good graphics, lore, and detailed gameplay, being incorporated into the gaming system, Eizper Chain attracts all types of audiences, from traditional gamers, blockchain gamers, and NFT collectors.

Recently, the Solana-based ARPG raised $1.625 million in seed funding from top investors and venture capitalists. The investment round was spearheaded by Alameda Research and included Huobi Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Crypto.com Capital, Nyan Heroes, PetRock Capital, Return On Knowledge Capital and several angel investors like Jack Teoh, Ivan lam, Arnold Poernomo and more. During the private NFT sale, the project secured $375,000 with 650 NFT-card packages sold. Currently, Eizper Chain is set for a closed pre alpha mobile version in Q4 2022.


There are two game modes in Eizper Chain: Adventure and Battle Arena. In the adventures, players roam the world of Eizper guided by an enticing epic story. While in arena battles, players may compete against each other in battle events to earn rewards and recognition. The blockchain game offers a real economic model that is different from other blockchain projects.

Players can meet various non-playable characters (NPCs) in adventure mode with unique personalities and stories. Competitive players can access PvP mode by visiting the Warrior’s Den in Windenfel. The Guild mode allows players to embark on missions together, explore dungeons or challenge other guilds in PvP combat. Guild members can experiment with various weapons, armor and skill crystals to upgrade their character and gaming experience.

During the game, players are rewarded with Eizper Shards — the in-game currency used to mint NFT weapons, armor and other in-game items. Every NFT can be traded through the native marketplace to earn real-world money. The marketplace is the platform where players can trade and activate their NFT(s) and exchange their ESH to fiat. Furthermore, in-game NFTs have a rarity level from one to five stars, with rarer items that have improved visuals and statistics.


Unlike existing blockchain-based games, Eizper Chain has a multi-tier weapon and armor system. It has a multiplayer system that makes the game more exciting to be played. Additionally, this feature will enable Chain to onboard an e-sport element into the game.

Eizper Chain provides a user-friendly blockchain game with easy access for all traditional gamers. Player can easily create an wallet by visiting the marketplace and logging in using their email account. This way, traditional users do not need to create their own wallets to play a game. They can play the game by connecting the NFT or Phantom Wallet to the game.

At its core, Eizper Chain allows gamers to play the game, explore the Eizper realm, level up characters, and upgrade armors and weapons to a certain level to be able to mint NFTs. This process allows the player to earn a reasonable passive income over time.


EIZ is the primary utility token of the Eizper Chain platform. The token will be structured as a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. The Eizper Chain economy is powered by its two distinct tokens — Gold & EIZ. While Gold is the off-chain in-game currency, EIZ is only available on-chain.


The core functions of the EIZ token are:

  • Purchase of NFTs -Rewards distribution for:
  • Token stackers Liquidity providers
  • In-game achievements like upgrading higher-tier weapons and armor, buying an entry ticket for the battle arena, unlocking another character slot, purchasing a guild emblem and battle pass system.
  • Governance

The gaming platform will allocate rewards from a fixed supply reward pool to users who participate in staking the EIZ token, providing liquidity for the EIZ/USDC pair on Raydium, and staking the resulting LP tokens. The rewards will be distributed daily and will be based on the outstanding tokens in the pool.

In a bid to replenish the reward pool which tends to deplete over time, Eizper Chain will collect a 5% fee on every trade. 0.5% of the fee is deposited in the reward pool and the remaining part is used to fund the platform’s operation.




The gaming project is backed by leading organiztions in the blockchain and gaming space such as Alameda Research, Crypto.com, Huobi Ventures, AAG Ventures, and Avocado DAO. Eizper Chain currently has more than 40 different entities (VCs, Game Guild, E-Sport Organization, KOLs and Angels) as their investors and strategic partnerships.


Official Website: https://www.eizperchain.com/


Telegram: https://t.me/eizperchain

Discord: https://discord.gg/eizperchain

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