CSP DAO Project Review: Envoy Network

Envoy Network is a premium NFT label. Its community-focused platform enables fans to purchase and trade unique pieces from their favourite artists and celebrities without needing a crypto expert. Envoy collaborates with renowned talent, including artists, actors, celebrities, influencers, festivals, publishers, e-sports companies and IP owners to create impactful NFT’s.

Envoy, with its partners, wants to open up the NFT space to the mainstream. Envoy is truly dedicated to creating meaningful projects that tap into the community and fanbase and is dedicated to making non-fungible tokens accessible for everyone. Envoy develops NFT projects for its clients, either from the bottom-up or in collaboration with selected partners.

These projects generate revenue from sales and royalties. With every release, Envoy offers both premium purchases and unique community-driven NFTs to empower fans and give them access to their favourite artists’ digital collectables.

Envoy also allows members to trade and collect unique community NFTs and gain rewards as a wider community perk. Envoy delivers a robust business model for B2B partners — artists who hire Envoy to create/market NFTs — or their clients who discover and purchase NFTs. As far as the B2C model, the end-user can easily learn about Envoy’s offers, browse the selection of products, join the community, share and invite others, and then buy, collect or earn NFTs.


The ENVOY Vault is a tool to create hype within and outside the community. Members who are part of the ENVOY blockchain ecosystem can farm Pearls that can be used to enter Vaults. From the moment the Vault is completed, it will unlock the unique reward attached to the Vault.

Members will be incentivized to share and talk about the Vaults to their friends and family to complete their collective goal. Unlocking an exclusive community tier NFT.


$ENVOY is the utility token of Envoy Network. $ENVOY token serves multiple utility purposes in the ecosystem

  • Discounts on NFT purchase
  • Staking
  • Farming
  • Governance
  • Exclusive access to events
  • Airdrops


*To be announced






Telegram: https://t.me/envoynetwork

Medium: https://envoynetwork.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/envoynetwork



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