CSP DAO Project Review: MODA DAO

MODA is a decentralised organisation that participates in the management and governance of the Moda Foundation. MODA is dedicated to the progressive transformation of the music industry through technology.

It defines the future of music ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralised governance and automated finance. The MODA innovation hub, creators, and investors are forging a future for the creative industries that is 10x better than before.

Current Problems with Music Industry

  • Fractured Industry: The industry term for monetising music is literally ‘exploitation’. Beyond the known bottlenecks and intermediaries lay some lesser-known problems like multi-billion dollar royalty black boxes and a global collections system that takes years to distribute revenue.
  • Fat intermediaries: Traditional corporate entities have one main goal: to make money between their suppliers and the customer, deliver that value back to their shareholders and line the pockets of company executives.
  • Streaming giants: In the modern streaming environment, the behemoth platforms have a stronghold on the pathway between the studio and listeners’ ears. Now that these platforms have all the music and hundreds of millions of paying subscribers, their goal is to reduce the number of royalties paid to rights holders. Notice that Spotify often tries to push you to a podcast? Or are you wondering why they bought The Joe Rogan Experience? It’s because every minute you listen to their ‘owned content’ is a minute they don’t have to pay artists.

MODA’s pillar of operation

MODA is being established as a not-for-profit foundation (with a tokenised value structure) for the sole purpose of pushing Web3 music forwards and establishing a more sustainable future for audio creators. Therefore, the token model itself contains a balance of free and open-source tooling for the music world and value-creating functions, driving its long-term growth.

Operational Pillars + MODA Value Model

The ideas, creativity, code, thoughts and thinking of making this project live comes from the MODA DAO team with over 30+ years in the music industry, 20+ years of start-up work, 6+ years in the blockchain space and 4+ years at the intersection of blockchain and music.

MODA is partnered with Emanate & Rarez, which have done 2.3M$ in sales so far.

The project was incubated by Outlier Ventures, a Web3 Accelerator investing in high-quality projects since 2015.



$MODA is the utility token of the MODA DAO ecosystem. $MODA token serves multiple utility purposes in the ecosystem.

  • Members must stake MODA and sign the constitution
  • Partners must meet the MODA holding requirement
  • Board members must stake and hold at least 1% of supply (TBC)
  • Every song on-chain must be backed by at least 1 MODA (TBC)
  • MODA Labs project should utilise the MODA token to align incentives with the foundation
  • Ongoing buy-back to support the Web3 Sustainability Loop and ongoing growth



*Information is not revealed yet


Telegram: https://t.me/moda_dao

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moda_dao



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