CSP DAO Project Review: Plutonians

Plutonians is a VR-Metaverse-Blockchain-driven-MMORPG-NFT-Ecosystem on Solana.

Using a combination of WebXR and Unreal Engine 5, players can
look forward to exploring the Plutonians universe across multiple screens, including AR, VR, web and mobile, collecting valuable NFT-backed in-game items and making trades in the various marketplaces and social spaces across the metaverse.


  • Level editors to allow freedom of development and open source uptake
  • Story editors everyday players can edit and administrate
  • Spaceship and component editor (custom NFT system)
  • In-game token powered spaceships
  • ‘Chase items’ of increasingly elaborate and powerful ships, weaponry and technology
  • ‘Realtime’ space travel (changing destinations and exploring other worlds will take real strategy)
  • Community-created and curated free content to continue your missions beyond the main story pack.
  • Free expansion packs (as value is created via burning tokens to explore them)
  • In-game economy, markets and trading systems including NFT Marketplace, in-game DEX AMM, in-game Yield Farms and in-game lending platform
  • Leaning into humour and memes to continue to capture the energy of the moment


Plutonian follows the two token models.

Plutonian DAO (PLD) is the governance token that will help create a decentralized system of law and order in the Plutonian gaming ecosystem. It represents a financial stake in Plutonians as well as voting power. This includes the right to vote on treasury funds and other integral ecosystem decisions. Plutonian DAO has a total fixed supply, and no further minting will occur after this is met.

Republic Credits (RPC) is the in-game currency used as a payment token and as a means of exchange in the Plutonians gaming ecosystem.
It has deflationary fundamentals built into the token smart contract that will allow for an in-game currency that is not only for all monetary interactions; be it trades, purchases, acquisitions, however, not only limited to these interactions. It will, as a result, present a propensity to growth matching PU238 (in-game fuel) token demand in-game.


Plutonian DAO — PDAO

Republic Credits — RPC







Telegram: https://t.me/plutoniansgame

Discord: https://discord.gg/6PnPAPupqR

Twitter: https://twitter.com/plutoniansgame



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