CSP DAO Project Review: Rainfall

Rainfall is a decentralized platform that unlocks the economic value of your digital existence. Anyone in the world can earn an income from what you choose to share.

Rainfall’s mission is to enable data self-sovereignty for billions of people. Give them control of their data. Transform the global data economy. So people everywhere can earn an income.


  • Contextual data, smart insights: Rainfall’s AI can create high-value contextual models from its collective data and deliver them as thoughtful real-time insights to buyers.
  • Friction-free monetization: The idea that each of us can negotiate every time someone wants our data is absurd. Rainfall has an AI price platform that automates all of it.
  • Next-gen data market: Unlike traditional data marketplaces, Rainfall uses AI to deliver Social Intelligence, creating a higher value market for smart data.


  • Privacy first: Your data is processed and contextualized on your devices themselves, so the things you say, the places you go, the people you meet and so on, remain private to you. You decide if you want to share it.
  • Real-time Social Intelligence: Rainfall isn’t just a data marketplace. Using sophisticated AI buyers receive more than the raw data you have agreed to share. They buy real-time insights, which have much higher financial value.
  • Simple and easy: Create an account. Give permissions for what you share. And you are ready to start earning. Pricing, negotiating and delivering income to you are all taken care of by Rainfall.
  • A Community project: The Rainfall Foundation has one aim — to bring an income to billions of humans around the world from the existing value in their digital lives — a project of, for and by the community.


Users are paid in Rain tokens for the data they share with Rain Network, thereby helping them with a source of regular income.

Rainfall App Preview


*To be disclosed


*To be disclosed




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rainfall-one

Medium: https://medium.com/@rainfall-one

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rainfall_one



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