CSP DAO Project Review: SecondLive

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5 min readOct 23, 2022

SecondLive is a create-to-earn open metaverse where over 1 million web3 inhabitants gather to facilitate self-expression, unleash creativity and build a dreaming parallel universe.

SecondLive comprises a seasoned team with expertise in virtual space creation for large-scale events and Metaverse infrastructure building. By leveraging UGC and AI-generated content, SecondLive will create a Web3 open Metaverse that serves 1 billion people. There are four primary modules in the process of using SecondLive: Dress up Avatar, travel around virtual spaces, create with creator tools, and trade on SecondLive marketplace.

In SecondLive, users can design their own digital lives — creating their own avatars and choosing spaces to stay and to live. In different spaces, users can complete various tasks with avatars. With the aid of these Avatars, creators and users can make their own content and profit from their own creations. The team continues to upgrade Avatar styles and Space to satisfy diversified application scenarios, including AMA, live streaming, interaction, entertainment, making new friends, staking and more, in the virtual world.

SecondLive offers two creator categories for users to apply, namely Avatar Creator and Space Creator. Once approved, users can start to design immediately. If the designs meet the necessary requirements, they can be listed on the marketplace in the form of NFT for trade, bringing sales income to their creators and loyalties from each successful deal on the secondary market.

Additionally, SecondLive launched its first personal clothing NFT asset created by community creator Multi, on 23rd August, 2022. The clothes were crafted by SecondLive’s self-developed editing tool and sold out within one second of its listing. After that, SecondLive also launched the first personal space NFT asset designed by OArtsLab.


SecondLive focuses on building social networks and supporting creator economic activities. Among various Metaverse projects, SecondLive stands out with following features:

  • Strong carrying capacity
  • Extensive Application Scenarios
  • Sustainable Commercial Mode


As a representative of the social metaverse, SecondLive competes with Meta (the predecessor of Facebook) because they are Web3. While Meta, a master of web2, relies on the power of the entire company to build a platform, SecondLive is forging an agreement.

The project is an isolated protocol that integrates many other Web3 protocols, and with interoperability these protocols tend to grow together. SecondLive onboards the best protocols built by the smartest teams with the best knowledge in the Crypto industry. It relies on the concept which states that modular power definitely defeats the power of a single entity (Modular vs Monolithic). As such, SecondLive intends to integrate the best protocols into their products, and also create new protocols. The protocols currently ready for integration include:

  • DID
  • SNS
  • Storage
  • NFT
  • Metaverse


  • Avatar
  • Space (BSC DeFi Exhibition, Personal Space, MVB Pavillion, Island Space, Crypto rooftop space, ocean pool space, Private art gallery, SecondLive square)
  • SNS
  • Market
  • Event
  • Game (Jigsaw Puzzles Game, Mannequin Challenge)


SecondLive ecosystem consists of two kinds of tokens:

  • Governance token LIVE and
  • Incentive token Bean

LIVE — the BEP20 governance token of secondLive protocol, joins all the members of SecondLive Community together, and the governance token of the whole platform. LIVE holders are given the right to make technical modifications to the SecondLive protocol and approve on-chain decisions on non-technical issues.

Token name: SecondLive Token

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Allocation & Unlock Schedule

Incentive tokens for user behavior in SecondLive will be an unlimited supply. There are several roles within the SecondLive ecosystem: creator, operator and ordinary user. The platform stimulates users to take part in the development of SecondLive through Beans and encourages more users to join. After obtaining Beans, members can stake Beans for LIVE.

The more active a Space is, the more Beans that will be automatically produced to bring income to the creator. Additionally, users can get Bean incentives from various activities such as, playing games, chatting, working, AMAs, and decorating Space in the SecondLive world.

SecondLive will provide a certain amount of LIVE tokens weekly (currently 100,000 LIVE) and the number will be modified with the increase of users and DAO governance. LIVE will be put into the income pool for the incentive of staking Beans. As such, users can stake Beans to get LIVE rewards.


SecondLive’s vision is to enable 1 billion people to work, play, and make friends in the social metaverse. Rather than a roadmap, here is a to-do list of the SecondLive ecosystem:


  1. The new Avatar image contains male and female characters, corresponding to nearly 20 actions.
  2. Automatically generated Avatar by camera
  3. Two-dimensional style Avatar generation
  4. Integrate some well-known 3D Avatar projects so that these NFTs can be used.


Functional module

  1. Real-time voice, clubhouse-like, can realize AMA, language chat and other functions
  2. The character can even walk the dog to enrich the scene elements
  3. The character has a range of actions including jumping and sitting down
  4. Follow others in the scene and jump to the room where your friends are located with one click
  5. Scene recording and sharing function
  6. Client Adaptation

Content Production

  1. AMA Hall
  2. SecondLive Lobby provided as public space.
  3. Multiple small scenes: bar, beach, rooftop, art gallery, forest, field, office, classroom, library, etc.


  1. Twitter integration
  2. Follow function
  3. Personal Profile page
  4. GalaxyID, CyberConnect protocol integration
  5. User Feed Stream


  1. The creator makes Space plug-ins


Peripheral functions

  1. BEAN is on chain, and the centralized mining method is migrated to the chain
  2. Add task and sign-in functions, and improve user guidance

Client Planning

  1. The client structure is adjusted, only Space-related functions are retained, and most of the functions are migrated to the web side.
  2. Mobile version support, planned to start in 2022


  • GBV
  • Y2Z


Official Website: https://secondlive.world/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecondLiveReal

Telegram: http://t.me/SecondLiveCommunity

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/secondlive

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🏆 CSP DAO Announcement Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAESl56FZJlJjcyKbuw

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