3 Best Crypto Apps & Exchanges Of 2023
3 Best Crypto Apps & Exchanges Of 2023 Photo- by Mediamodifier on Unsplash

3 Best Crypto Apps & Exchanges Of 2023

Crypto’s Crème de la Crème: My Top Three Exchanges of 2023

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32 min readNov 5, 2023


Strap in and power up your crypto journey — 2023’s top-tier exchanges are here, and they’re turning the digital currency landscape into a veritable playground for the savvy investor.

I’m your seasoned crypto gladiator, navigating the volatile arena of digital currencies. I’ve danced with fortune and flirted with fate, pocketing millions and coughing them up just as quickly.

I’ve seen exchanges and crypto apps rise like phoenixes and plummet like stones in a pond. Here’s the golden nugget I’ve unearthed: the platform you trade on isn’t just important — it’s the cornerstone of conquest.

Why, you ask?

Simple. Even if you’re the Michael Jordan of trading, a dodgy exchange is like playing with a deflated basketball — you’ll be out of the game before the buzzer.

Since I’m bombarded with inquiries about my trading sanctuaries, it’s time to lift the veil on my top 3 exchanges out of the dozens I’ve battled with.

Ready to align with the titans of the crypto cosmos?

Let’s dive in.

Best Crypto Exchanges and Apps of 2023

Deciphering the Code: The Crypto App and Exchange Blueprint

Venturing into the crypto wild? Arm yourself with wisdom. Here’s what to scout for in a crypto app or exchange:

  1. Fort Knox Security:
    If it’s easier to crack than a high school locker, steer clear.
  2. License to Thrill:
    No license? That’s like a bank with no vault. Next!
  3. User-Friendly or Foe:
    A UI that requires a Ph.D. in cryptography? Pass.
  4. Cryptocurrency Kaleidoscope:
    Diversity is the spice of life — and your portfolio.
  5. Fee Fi Fo Fum:
    Don’t let fees gobble up your gains like a greedy giant.
  6. Feature Full:
    More features, more firepower.

Embark on your trading journey with these touchstones, and you’ll be more than a mere participant — you’ll be a contender.

Stay tuned as I unpack my top-tier trove of exchanges and spell out why they’re the Excalibur in your crypto crusade.

3 Best Crypto Apps & Exchanges of 2023

The quest for the ultimate crypto exchange is akin to an epic saga — fraught with peril but ripe with opportunity. After donning my digital armor and diving into the trenches of the cryptocurrency warzone, I’ve emerged with the three indomitable titans of trade.

These platforms aren’t just my favorites; they’re my financial fellowship, chosen through blood, sweat, and candlestick charts.

Sure, anyone can cobble together a list of the flashiest crypto exchanges boasting skyscraping volumes, cutting-edge interfaces, or hordes of users.

Yet, it’s the sage who quests for the Holy Grail of trading platforms: impenetrable security and iron-clad legal compliance.

Why settle for the glitter when you can have the gold?
Let’s face it, fellow traders — cashing in on our digital dividends should be as sweet as the victory itself. But for those navigating the bustling streets of the US or the intricate avenues of the EU, liquidating your crypto loot can feel like running an obstacle course blindfolded.

Fear not. I’ve distilled the essence of due diligence into a golden list, exclusively tailored for the US and EU denizens. Behold, the triumvirate of exchanges where regulation is king, and your peace of mind is the realm they protect. Prepare to trade with the confidence of a knight in shining armor, sans the headache.

Stay tuned as I unveil the chosen three, each a beacon of compliance and sanctuary of security, in the unfolding saga of our crypto odyssey.

Kraken Logo


In the tempestuous sea of cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken emerges as the lighthouse guiding ships to safe harbor. Founded in the tech haven of San Francisco in 2011, Kraken has not only stood the test of time but has also set the gold standard for what it means to be a secure and dependable platform in the enigmatic world of digital finance.

Jesse Powell | Kraken

When the Sea Gets Rough, the Captain Sets a New Course

The Strategic Shift at Kraken’s Helm

In the unpredictable tides of the crypto ocean, even the most steadfast ships may need to adjust their sails. It appears that Jesse Powell, the seasoned captain of the Kraken vessel, has decided it’s time to chart a new course. While some may wonder if the waters got too choppy, Powell has publicly announced his decision to step back from the role of CEO. Navigating into his stead is David Ripley.

Jesse Powell: The Visionary With a Compass of Conviction

Jesse Powell
Jesse Powell

Powell isn’t abandoning ship; he’s merely heading to the crow’s nest, keeping a watchful eye on the horizon from the company’s Board. He assures the crew and passengers alike that Kraken remains in the capable hands of David Ripley.

Through a tweet, Powell extended a hearty salute to the team for their trust, to the investors for embarking on the journey, and to his peers at the forefront of the industry.

As a pioneering Bitcoin enthusiast, Powell co-founded the exchange in 2011 alongside Thanh Luu, who also maintains a position in the company’s oversight. Known for his libertarian leanings, Powell infused these values into Kraken’s ethos, not without stirring the waters of controversy.

A New York Times article casts a spotlight on some turbulent waves within the company’s culture, including a ban on self-chosen pronouns and allegations of misogynistic remarks by Powell in an internal chat.

The Unyielding Captain Amidst Cultural Swells

Powell’s approach has been clear-cut: in June, he laid out a manifesto of Kraken’s libertarian values, suggesting that those not on board should disembark, with a compensation of four months’ wages as a parting gift. Ripley, sharing Powell’s navigational chart of culture and values, seems poised to keep the company’s course steady, potentially dashing hopes for those who were awaiting a change in direction.

The helm’s handover, as per Powell, is not a knee-jerk reaction to the recent squalls but a decision made a year prior, citing the demanding nature of the CEO’s quarters.

As the crypto seas continue to evolve, so does the leadership at Kraken. With Jesse Powell’s vigilant eye from the board and David Ripley at the wheel, the exchange aims to maintain its voyage as a leading force in the industry.

Sail Smoothly on the Crypto Seas: Discover the Unmatched Advantages of Kraken

Ironclad Security for Peace of Mind
Security isn’t just a feature at Kraken; it’s the foundation. From its comprehensive team of experts to sophisticated protocols that lock down your assets tighter than a bank vault, Kraken is synonymous with digital fortitude.

It’s the first cryptocurrency exchange that proudly bears a US banking license, assuring you that your investments are not just insured but enshrined in a framework of financial legality.

A User Experience Tailored for Maturity
Kraken understands that time is the most valuable asset for those in their prime years. The exchange offers an intuitive experience that respects your acumen, ensuring that whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer, your journey through the platform is seamless and efficient.

With Kraken, you trade not just with clicks, but with confidence.

Kraken offers a dual-interface experience: the light version is as intuitive and user-friendly as navigating an iPhone, perfect for new investors dipping their toes into the crypto waters.

Kraken Light-Version
Kraken Light-Version

For the seasoned traders, Kraken Pro presents a suite of advanced tools, analytics, and staking/lending options, offering a more comprehensive command deck for navigating the crypto markets.

Kraken Pro-Version Analytics & Trading Desk

Diverse Cryptocurrency Portfolio
The Kraken exchange is your gateway to over 200 cryptocurrencies, providing a rich tapestry of trading pairs from the stalwarts like Bitcoin and Ethereum to the more exotic offerings that pique the curiosity of even the most discerning investor. It’s a marketplace that celebrates diversity and provides the tools for you to tailor your portfolio to your unique financial narrative.

Transparent Fees with Your Interests at Heart
Kraken’s fee structure is designed with the investor’s benefit at the forefront. Starting at a baseline of 0.26 percent, these fees are structured to decrease with increased trading volume, rewarding your trading tenacity with more of the profits staying where they belong — in your account.

Kraken Spot Crypto Fees
Kraken Spot Crypto Fees

Customer Service That Understands You
Exceptional customer service is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Kraken’s support is a cut above, with 24/7 accessibility via live chat, email, and the uncommon offering of phone support. In a world where digital is the norm, Kraken adds a human touch, making sure you’re never left adrift.

Educational Resources for Lifelong Learners
Kraken’s commitment to education reflects the understanding that a well-informed investor is an empowered one. With a wealth of resources at your disposal, you’ll find yourself not just trading but evolving, as you deepen your understanding of the cryptocurrency space through expertly crafted guides and webinars.

A Platform for the Seasoned and the Serious
Kraken is not just any exchange — it’s a sanctuary for the investor who values stability and depth, who sees beyond the ephemeral trends and looks to build a legacy in the digital age.

It’s where experience meets innovation, where every trade is a step towards achieving not just financial goals, but a vision for the future.

Kraken’s Arsenal: Features That Set Sail to New Horizons

The NFT Marketplace: A Treasure Trove of Digital Collectibles
Dive into the vibrant world of NFTs with Kraken’s Marketplace, where the rarest and most sought-after digital treasures await your collection.

Margin and Futures Trading: Amplify Your Strategy
Harness the winds of leverage with Kraken’s Margin Trading, offering up to 5x the firepower to maximize your trades. Navigate future markets with confidence, wielding up to 50x leverage to bolster your position in the crypto currents.

OTC Trading: The Silent Giant of the Deep
For those who move mountains of crypto silently, Kraken’s OTC Trading provides the discretion and depth for substantial trades without as much as a ripple on the market surface.

Institutions and API Trading: The Power of Precision
Institutional traders find a kindred spirit in Kraken’s API Trading — precision, speed, and the ability to automate strategies into a fine art, ensuring every move is a masterstroke.

Staking/Lending Rewards: Your Crypto, Compounded
Anchor your assets in Kraken’s Earn Feature and watch your treasure chest swell as your investments earn competitive yields, as if by the magic of the tides.

Kraken Staking/Lending EST. APRs (04.11.2023)
Kraken Staking/Lending EST. APRs (05.11.2023)

Kraken isn’t just about trading; it’s about trading smarter, faster, and with unparalleled ease. No matter your depth of experience, Kraken elevates your trading journey from the very first wave.

The Essentials: Secure, Flexible, Rewarding

Your digital treasures and identity remain beyond the reach of marauders. Tailor your trades with Kraken's flexible order system, and relish in a fee structure where avid traders are rewarded, potentially down to 0% fees. Krakens support sails with you, a global 24/7 convoy ready to assist through live chat or extensive documentation.

Funding Options: Your Port, Your Terms
Fund your account on your terms with options as diverse as the seven seas, ensuring swift and easy access to your trading capital.

Kraken Supported Currencies
Kraken Supported Currencies

Take Your Trading to the Next Level

From the dynamic power of margin trading to the astute offerings of an awesome trade desk and account management services, Kraken is your vessel to not just participate in the crypto market, but to conquer it.

With over 10 million clients setting sail on its platform, Kraken charts a course in over 190 countries. Its bustling docks see over $207 billion in quarterly trading volume, making it a global powerhouse for crypto exchange.

Open Account Button

Click here and join Kraken today, and anchor your investments in an exchange that’s as serious about your financial journey as you are.

Hold onto your seats, because we’re not throwing out our ace just yet.

Up next is the second powerhouse of crypto trading — think of it as the penultimate piece of a suspenseful trilogy where the best is always saved for last.

Stay tuned!



Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, Coinbase stands as a titan of the tech world, a beacon for the crypto-curious, and a fortress for the blockchain-savvy. Founded in the golden summer of 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, Coinbase has soared from a fledgling startup to a veritable juggernaut in the realm of digital exchanges, claiming the crown as one of the largest crypto bazaars not just in the USA but across the globe.


Picture this: a world where cryptocurrency is as easy as your morning coffee routine. That’s the vision Brian Armstrong is turning into reality.

The Crypto Crusader: Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong

He’s not just another face in the Forbes list; he’s the smiling trailblazer behind Coinbase’s quest to make crypto as commonplace as your favorite streaming service. But is he the hero the crypto world deserves, or just another savvy entrepreneur riding the Bitcoin wave?

Let’s decode the enigma that is Brian Armstrong.

Unpacking the Armstrong Arsenal
Armstrong isn’t just a CEO; he’s a blockchain bard, singing the praises of cryptocurrency’s potential on every podcast and panel that’ll have him. But before he became the poster boy for digital currency, he was a humble student with a dual passion for economics and computer science at Rice University. Little did he know, his side-hustle of matching tutors with tutees was just a prelude to pairing the world with crypto.

The Prelude to Coinbase
Armstrong’s early career saw him in the trenches of IBM and Deloitte, honing his tech wizardry. But it was his stint at Airbnb, wrestling with a hydra of international currencies, that solidified his resolve: the future is digital currency.

The Dawn of Coinbase
With a dream in his pocket and $150,000 from Y Combinator, Armstrong set off on a digital crusade to simplify Bitcoin transactions. He found his crypto comrade-in-arms, Fred Ehrsam, in the most Silicon Valley way possible — a Reddit thread.

Together, they planted the seeds of what would grow into the Coinbase empire.

Coinbase Goes Public
From a scrappy startup to a NASDAQ-listed behemoth, Coinbase’s journey has been nothing short of meteoric. With a user base that would make small countries envious, it’s expanded its dominion to NFTs, wallets, and staking services, solidifying its place in crypto Valhalla.

Navigating the Storm
The crypto seas are known for their tempestuous nature, and even Coinbase has had to batten down the hatches. With the industry facing an arctic freeze, Armstrong had to make the tough call to trim the sails, reducing the crew amidst the market’s squall.

Introducing Base
Blockchain for the Masses But even in the coldest winter, Armstrong’s gaze is fixed on the horizon. Base, Coinbase’s own Layer-2 blockchain, is his latest volley to democratize the world of DeFi and NFTs. It’s a bold move that’s got the industry buzzing with optimism.

The essence of Coinbase is its open arms to beginners — imagine stepping into the vast universe of crypto and finding a guide that’s as intuitive as your favorite smartphone app.

Coinbase Light-Version
Coinbase Light-Version

The platform is your oyster if you’re looking to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or a burgeoning list of other cryptocurrencies. It’s a place where creating an account feels less like a transaction and more like a rite of passage into the future of finance, sweetened with a welcoming $10 sign-up bonus— a financial fist-bump from the digital world.

Coinbase’s mobile apps, the darlings of iOS and Android users alike, pack all the punch of their desktop big brother. Whether you’re a trading greenhorn or a seasoned crypto connoisseur, the app’s slick interface has got you covered. Newbies can dip their toes with easy-peasy buying and selling tools, while the crypto veterans have a buffet of sophisticated features to track, trade, and tame the wild world of digital assets.

Coinbase Pro-Version
Coinbase Pro-Version

Coinbase’s mastery lies in its versatility. Whether you’re wielding a credit card, conducting a bank transfer, wielding the swift efficiency of a SEPA transfer, or using a debit card, the path to purchasing cryptocurrency is paved with convenience.

But patience is a virtue, my friends, for a bank transfer dalliance can take a leisurely stroll of up to 7 days.

Fort Knox Meets Cybersecurity: The Coinbase Safety Pledge

Let’s talk security — the digital kind, not the burly guy at the club. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there’s no FDIC or SIPC to cuddle your digital coins at night. But Coinbase, they’ve got a digital guard dog, aka crime insurance. This bad boy covers a slice of the digital treasures against thievery from cyber ne’er-do-wells and sneaky inside jobs.

Now, keep your ears perked because this insurance has its limits. It won’t swoop in if someone swipes your password and raids your account. And, let’s not beat around the blockchain — Coinbase has whispered in the fine print that their insurance might not cover all the crypto gold in their digital vaults. They’re playing coy on the details, though.

Here’s where it gets juicy. Once upon a recent time, Coinbase dropped a bombshell, hinting that if they hit a financial iceberg, your crypto could get tangled up in bankruptcy shenanigans. But before panic could set in, Coinbase swerved, assuring us that our digital loot would get the same lifeboat as the big-shot investors if things went Titanic.

Now, if you’re more of a greenback enthusiast, your cash on Coinbase is tucked into cozy U.S. custodial accounts, cushy money market funds, or snuggled up with U.S. Treasurys. And yes, if they’re lounging in U.S. banks, they’ve got that sweet FDIC insurance up to $250,000.

Decoding the Costs: A Guide to Coinbase Fees

Coinbase, like a maestro directing an orchestra, orchestrates a spread on your crypto trades. Picture about 0.5% — although this can waltz up or down with the market’s mood swings. (Now, take note, this doesn’t apply to the high rollers using Coinbase Pro)

The fees get a bit more eclectic as they waltz to the tune of your payment method, the heft of your order, and the market’s rhythm — think volatility and liquidity.

Let’s not forget the cover charge for the blockchain’s exclusive party — the network fees for processing your transactions in the crypto universe.

Predicting Coinbase fees on the main stage can feel like guessing the weather in a tropical climate. But, they do tip their hat and show you the fees before you seal the deal.

For instance, if you’re splurging $200 on Bitcoin with a good old ACH transfer, you’d shell out roughly 1.5%. Whip out a debit card, though, and you’re looking at a steeper 3.99%.

Now, for those swaying to the beat of Coinbase Advanced Trade, the pricing gets less complicated but has seen a little inflation recently. The fees pirouette around your monthly trade volume.

Coinbase Spot Crypto Fees
Coinbase Spot Crypto Fees

Step right up and marvel at the digital cornucopia of features that Coinbase unfurls. It’s not just an exchange; it’s a financial Swiss Army knife in the ether.

Coinbase’s Trove of Tricks

Unleash the Power of Your Pocket with Coinbase Wallet
This isn’t just any wallet; it’s your key to the crypto kingdom, with developer features that are more versatile than a contortionist at a circus. Connect your dapps with ease, whether you’re thumbing through on your mobile or click-clacking on your desktop.

Network support? Like a universal translator for EVM-compatible L1/L2 networks, including the ability to sprinkle in custom networks and tokens. And when it’s time to test the waters, Coinbase Wallet’s got your back with built-in testnet faucets — browser extension style.

Staking for the Brave
Fancy earning up to a 6% APY on your staked coins? Coinbase’s staking is like a high-yield savings account for the crypto realm. But heed the crypto winds — regulatory scrutiny’s afoot, with the SEC eyeing staking programs with the intensity of a hawk.

Coinbase Staking EST. APRs (04.11.2023)
Coinbase Staking EST. APRs (05.11.2023)

A Helping Hand with Customer Support
Stranded in the crypto wilderness? Coinbase now offers 24/7 live phone support to guide you home. Email or chat options are also at your disposal, along with a treasure trove of educational content to sharpen your crypto knowledge.

All Aboard Coinbase One
For those who seek the VIP crypto experience, Coinbase One beckons.
Zero trading fees, priority support, and boosted staking rewards await.
Not to mention, pre-filled tax forms and exclusive partner deals that add a sprinkle of luxury to your crypto journey — all for $29.99/month.

Swipe and Earn with Coinbase Card

Coinbase Crypto Debit VISA Card
Coinbase Crypto Debit VISA Card

Behold the Visa® debit card that showers you with crypto rewards on every purchase. Spend your cash or crypto with the flair of a high-roller, without the dread of hidden fees.

And the best part?

You get to cherry-pick your crypto rewards, optimizing your portfolio with every tap.

Coinbase NFTs: A Digital Art Gallery
Dive into the vibrant world of NFTs where buying, minting, and selling become as easy as online shopping — finding the best price included.

Learn & Earn: The School of Crypto Riches
Ever wanted to earn while learning? Coinbase’s Learn & Earn turns you into a crypto-savvy sage with educational videos, quizzes, and, yes, free crypto for your scholarly efforts.

Coinbase Learn & Earn
Coinbase Learn & Earn

Let’s cut to the chase.

Coinbase is like that all-rounder friend who’s good at everything.

You want a smorgasbord of cryptocurrencies? Check.
A no-brainer interface? Check.
Free crypto while you learn? Double-check.

From its San Francisco stronghold, Coinbase is more than an exchange — it’s a gateway, a platform, a community. It’s where money meets the future, and everyone, from the greenest newbie to the most grizzled trader, can find their place, their purpose, and their potential.

Welcome to the dawn of a new financial era, welcome to Coinbase.

Open Account Button

Click here to join the ranks of savvy investors who trust Coinbase for their digital currency needs.

Hold on to your wallets, gents, because the best is yet to unfurl — stick around for the grand crypto finale!

Bitpanda Logo


In the heart of Vienna, amidst the city’s historic grandeur and innovative buzz, lies the command center of Europe’s crypto ascendancy — Bitpanda. Founded in the heady days of crypto’s nascent rise, Bitpanda’s story begins not with a bang, but with a calculated whisper of revolution in 2014.


It’s not every day that a semi-professional poker player reshuffles the deck of the financial world, but for Paul Klanschek, the ante was just right. Teaming up with Eric Demuth, an economist, the duo embarked on a venture fueled by frustration and foresight.

Eric Demuth & Paul Klanschek
Eric Demuth & Paul Klanschek

Starting as Austria’s Bitcoin beacon, Bitpanda has since unfurled its wings across Europe, metamorphosing into a regulatory titan with a bouquet of investment classes, and a bedrock for fintech and traditional banks alike.

Bitpanda: Pioneering the Profitable Frontier of Brokerage

Bitpanda has evolved into a brokerage behemoth. In the dynamic dance of finance, brokers lead by channeling investors' orders to the financial market's grand ballroom. And for every twirl and transaction, Bitpanda pockets a commission.

Here’s the clincher — Bitpanda thrives on self-funding, its growth organically fertilized by the profits of its trades. Each crypto purchase or sale by its clientele adds to Bitpanda’s coffers, proving that their business model isn’t just viable — it’s a veritable gold mine.

Unlike its American counterparts, fueled by venture capital, Bitpanda started the old-fashioned way bootstrapping its way to glory.

This approach became the cornerstone of Bitpanda’s culture. Every initiative is a sustainable business case, tailored closely to customer needs.
From day one, Bitpanda has been a tech-first enterprise. The bulk of its infrastructure is crafted in-house or smartly acquired like Trustology’s custody solution snagged in early 2022.

Bitpanda: The Crypto Broker’s Leap to Investment Stardom

2020 the stars aligned in the crypto cosmos. A perfect storm of easy money, global lockdowns with bonus checks in hand, and Bitcoin’s Halving in May 2020 catapulted the crypto market into a frenzied Bull Run.

FOMO, the great motivator. It spread like wildfire, infecting investors and venture capitalists alike.

Valuations and funding rounds skyrocketed, especially within fintech circles. Everyone wanted a piece of the crypto pie, and they were willing to bet the farm on it. Riding this tidal wave of enthusiasm, Bitpanda opened its doors to the venture capital club.

In September 2020, with a war chest of approximately €45 million from the likes of Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, Hedosophia, and Speedinvest,

Bitpanda was ready to conquer new frontiers.

Imagine Bitpanda surfing on a tsunami of success, breaking record after record until Hypergrowth became its middle name. Just five short months post-Series B, they’re at it again, raking in a cool €224 million and hitting a valuation just shy of €3.4 billion. And get this — through the financial whirlwind that hoovered up over €400 million in funding, the founding duo managed to keep a firm grip on the majority of company shares.

The Bubble Bursts
Then came 2022, the year the music stopped. The world gasped as Russia invaded Ukraine, inflation bit hard, and the era of cheap money waved goodbye. The market mood? “Risk-off,” baby.

Facing a growth spurt gone wild, Bitpanda had to downsize from over 1,000 employees to 730. The marketing? Slashed.

The new game plan?
Performance and profitability. Bitpanda’s back to its roots, swapping hypergrowth for smart, sustainable scaling.

Welcome back to the ground, Bitpanda; the view’s pretty good from here, too.

The ironic twist?
Ever since Bitpanda trimmed its sails, new features are launching faster and better than ever — it’s as if shedding the extra weight has made the company more nimble and efficient.

Bitpanda Broker App
Bitpanda Broker App

The Bitpanda platform’s user interface is sleeker than ever, and the asset selection is a veritable treasure trove — outshining any other broker with a whopping roster of 300+ cryptocurrencies. Users can tap into the crème de la crème of the crypto world, including Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, BNB, and USD Coin, plus a bountiful array of others.

But it’s not just crypto that’s getting all the limelight. Bitpanda offers an impressive catalogue of over 2,500 Stocks & ETFs, making it possible for users to invest in the giants of the stock market — think Amazon, Tesla, or Apple — with the added flexibility of fractional shares, anytime, anywhere.

If that wasn’t enough, Bitpanda also opens the door to over 30 commodities, allowing users to diversify with assets like oil, natural gas, or aluminum, starting from just €1.

And for those with a taste for the enduring allure of precious metals, Bitpanda brings gold, silver, palladium, and platinum to the table. Each bar is investment grade, LBMA accredited, ready to add a gleam to any portfolio.

Bitpanda’s Ironclad Security & the License to Thrill Investors

In the digital Wild West of crypto, Bitpanda stands as the sheriff in town, ensuring every transaction’s as secure as Fort Knox. While having top-notch internal security is as expected as finding caffeine in coffee, Bitpanda struts with certifications that are the cybersecurity equivalent of a black belt.

At Bitpanda, they don’t just embrace security; they marry it. They’ve set up a dedicated security squad that works round the clock, safeguarding everything from your selfie to your savings. This team is the brains behind the Bitpanda Fortress — a state-of-the-art information security management system (ISMS) that would make even the most seasoned hacker think twice.

And for the pièce de résistance, they’ve snagged the ISO 27001 certification — a badge of honor in the world of infosec, proving they’re not just about the crypto craze; they’re about doing it safely. This certification is like the VIP pass to the most exclusive club in town, and Bitpanda’s got it.

Bitpanda users, fear not; your daily investment hustle remains unchanged. But next time you log in, you might feel that extra spring in your step, knowing you’re in the digital equivalent of a bulletproof vest.

Let’s talk credentials. Bitpanda’s not just safe; it’s like a digital Fort Knox. They’re wrapped in the warm embrace of European law and regulation, cozied up with licences from Austria to Sweden, and they’re not shy about it. With a PSD2 payment service provider licence, an E-Money Institute badge, and a MiFID II investment firm licence, they’ve got more checks and verifications than a high-security airport.

Bottom line?

Bitpanda’s got over 4 million users, 12 European licenses, and enough positive reviews to make a Hollywood star blush. And yes, all their funds are checked more regularly than your social media feeds.

Your assets are secure with Bitpanda, as it is a regulated entity in Austria and serves solely as a custodian for your investments. Unlike other platforms such as Coinbase, Austrian pawnbroking laws apply here. This ensures that in the event of insolvency, the assets are not included in the bankruptcy estate.

So, when the crypto world gets shaky, remember:
Bitpanda is the rock in the storm.

Deciphering Bitpanda’s Fees: A Treasure Map to Cost Clarity

Buckle up, folks! We’re about to dive into the treasure chest of Bitpanda’s fees, but beware, the path to gold is less transparent than grandma’s homemade jam.

Let’s crack the code, shall we?

Now, imagine you’re shopping for shares like you’re at a Black Friday sale. If you’re gunning for blue-chip beauties like Microsoft, Bitpanda’s got you covered with spreads so thin they’d make a dietitian proud — talking a lean, mean range from a mere 0.1% to a maximum of 0.5% during the hustle and bustle of trading hours.

But wait, there’s more!

Cryptos, oh cryptos! They can be as unpredictable as a cat on catnip. Depending on the star of the show, those less liquid coins can stretch spreads up to a yawning 3%, especially those fresh, sprightly crypto sprouts that just popped out of the digital soil.

Fear not, dear investors, Bitpanda is on the case. They’re whipping up a new and improved fee display faster than a barista on double espresso. They aim to bring a splash of sunlight to the murky waters of spreads and fees, giving you the transparency you need to swim confidently in the sea of digital assets.

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom for navigating Bitpanda’s charts:
the numbers you’re gazing at? They’re not the tag price for buying or selling. To catch a glimpse of the real deal, give the Buy or Sell button a tap, then scoot over to ‘Go to Summary’. That’s where you’ll lock eyes with the most up-to-date price, but remember, it’s a fleeting encounter — valid for a snappy 60 seconds, or for the speed demons trading in stocks and ETFs, you’ve got a brisk 17 seconds. And for those dealing in BEST or Pantos (PAN), it’s a lightning-fast 10 seconds. Keep your trigger finger ready!

And here’s a tip-top tip:
Bitpanda is a gem for those looking to trade hefty sums with the peace of mind that comes with a price guarantee. Perfect for investors who like to move mountains without the ground shifting beneath their feet.

Unlocking Bitpanda’s Treasure Trove: A Feature Fiesta

Bitpanda Leverage
With “Bitpandas Leverage Tokens” you can ride the market waves, long or short, with the finesse of a financial surfer. Whether the market’s soaring high or plunging deep, Bitpanda’s low trading fees got you covered. With over 10 leveraged positions and daily re-leverage, you’re in full control, ready to snatch profits from the jaws of short-term volatility.


BCI Bitpandas Crypto Index
BCI Bitpandas Crypto Index

Bitpanda’s Crypto Index is like having a crystal ball for the entire crypto market. It’s the set-it-and-forget-it of crypto investing. One click and voilà, you’re diversified across the leading cryptos, automatically rebalanced to keep you on top of the market game. Partnered with MarketVector Indexes, it’s like having your own financial guru keeping an eye on the horizon.

Automated Buys
For the savers out there, Bitpanda’s Savings Plan is your golden ticket to building a portfolio as sturdy as a chocolate factory. Automate your way to riches with regular deposits across a smorgasbord of assets. With the cost average effect on your side, short-term price fluctuations are as bothersome as a gnat to a giant.

And for those early birds who like to catch the worm, Bitpanda Spotlight is your backstage pass to the hottest, freshest crypto projects. It’s all the thrills of discovery with the security of a regulated platform. Plus, as a BEST VIP, you’re raking in free coins like a pirate in a treasure cove.

Cash Plus
Think high-yield returns on your cash stash with the flexibility of a gymnast — you can withdraw any time, day or night, with no caps on how much you can invest. It’s the smart way to make your cash work harder than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

EUR | GBP | USD Bitpanda Cash Plus (05.11.2023)
EUR | GBP | USD Bitpanda Cash Plus (05.11.2023)

Welcome to the Bitpanda Club, where the elite meet and greet. With enhanced support, success managers, and early access to products, you’re not just a customer; you’re royalty. And for the knowledge seekers, exclusive webinars are your chance to peek behind the Bitpanda curtain.

Bitpanda Card

Bitpanda Depit VISA Card
Bitpanda Depit VISA Card

It’s not just a debit card; it’s a magic wand for your wallet. Spend your investments with a flick of the wrist, anywhere Visa waves its flag. With the Bitpanda App, you’re the maestro, orchestrating which assets to spend, all while raking in an instant Bitcoin (BTC) cashback (up to 2%) and enjoying top-tier security.

With Bitpanda, staking is a walk in the park, with up to 40% APY and weekly rewards that start working faster than your morning coffee. With auto-staking and a buffet of 29 coins and tokens to choose from, your crypto isn’t just sitting pretty — it’s working overtime.

Bitpanda Staking EST. APRs (05.11.2023)

Boost Your Bitpanda Experience with BEST

Attention, VIPs and crypto aficionados! If you’re looking to supersize your Bitpanda benefits, it’s time to turn up the BEST! Bitpanda’s very own Bitpanda Ecosystem Token, or ‘BEST’, isn’t just a token — it’s your golden ticket to the crypto wonderland.

Starting with just 10 BEST, climb the VIP ladder and unlock benefits that would make Midas jealous. From instant trade bonuses to increased weekly rewards, each level brings you closer to crypto nirvana.

BEST: The Crown Jewel of IEOs
Flashback to August 2019, and Bitpanda is making waves with the most successful Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Europe has seen, pocketing a cool €44 million. BEST is not just any utility token; it’s like the Swiss Army knife for Bitpanda’s power users. Think lower fees, higher staking yields, and VIP services that make you feel like crypto royalty.

The BEST Utility Breakdown: More than Just a Token
While other exchanges are playing catch-up, releasing their own utility tokens, BEST holders are already basking in the glory of benefits galore. It’s a win-win: you get more out of your trading, and Bitpanda gets a legion of brand ambassadors, all hyped up on social media.

BEST Benefits:

BEST Benefits
BEST Benefits

Holding BEST is like having a bottomless cup of rewards. Claim up to 15% more BEST every year — the more you trade and hold, the more you earn.

But the perks don’t end there:

  • Instant Trade Bonus: Get a slice of your trading volume back in BEST.
  • Card Cashback: Swipe your card and earn up to 2% back in BTC.
  • Staking & Cash Plus: Amp up your rewards by a staggering 12.5%.
  • Spotlight Multiplier: Grab x5 tokens in Bitpanda Spotlight projects.

The BEST Burn: A Token with a Plan
Bitpanda’s got a plan for BEST, and it’s hot — literally. They’re burning up to 25% of the trading premiums collected from BEST holders with VIP flair every month.

The mission?

To keep the token supply exclusive and the value high, like a limited edition sneaker drop.

Bitpanda and BEST: Growing Together
As Bitpanda’s star rises, so does BEST’s. With Bitpanda’s growth into a multi-billion-dollar behemoth, BEST strutted into the billion-dollar token club with a market cap over €1 billion. It’s not just a token; it’s a movement.

So, grab your BEST and join the ranks of Bitpanda’s elite. It’s time to trade, earn, and burn with the best of them.

Welcome to the BEST life — it’s shiny here.

And it just keeps getting shinier for BEST VIPs! Not only do individual users reap the benefits of holding BEST, but Bitpanda’s Technology Solution partners also get to bask in the glory of better fees and enhanced features. It’s like having a backstage pass to the crypto concert of the decade!

Bitpanda Technology Solutions

Imagine a world where your business could tap into the crypto-verse with the ease of plugging into a socket. Bitpanda Technology Solutions is the master electrician, offering a sparkling new API interface that powers up businesses with all the crypto and securities trading features they could dream of.

From the safety net of custody to the excitement of trading and even to the nitty-gritty of creating a frontend that screams your brand’s identity, Bitpanda’s got you covered.

Think of it as a modular Lego set for finance — where you can build an empire, block by block.

Anton Langbroek
Anton Langbroek

Anton Langbroek, headhunted from Mambu, now conducts Bitpanda’s B2B ensemble, pinpointing three main sectors ready to harmonize with Bitpanda’s tech.

Fintech Front-Runners:
Agile fintechs and neobanks seek crypto capabilities, and with Bitpanda’s API, they’re market-ready in record time.

Banking Battalion:
Mid-tier banks eye Bitpanda’s full spectrum of services to offer more without the DIY headache of in-house development.

Banking Big Leagues:
The heavyweights, Tier 1 banks, aim to mix a pinch of crypto into their vast portfolios, with Bitpanda ensuring compliance is on point.

Bitpanda Technology Solutions has already showcased its prowess with Lydia, a French neobank with a customer base twice the size of Bitpanda’s own app users. In 2023, Bitpanda accelerates its B2B journey, announcing 12 partnerships in just six months, including with fintech favorites and banking behemoths like N26 and Visa.

The crown jewel?

A partnership with Coinbase, leveraging Bitpanda’s robust regulatory setup to extend crypto trading services.

Bitpanda’s Technology Solutions and BEST token are orchestrating a symphony of B2B success, setting the stage for a crescendo in the crypto space.

And here’s the kicker: over 20 million users are now seamlessly using Bitpanda’s system in the backend, likely without even realizing they’re part of this vast financial orchestra.

Bitpanda Technology Solutions BTS

While Bitpanda cherishes its retail and B2B ventures equally, the spotlight’s really on Bitpanda Technology Solutions for future crescendos. With a sales pipeline bursting at the seams, expect big-name client reveals later this year.

After two years of laying the organizational groundwork, the focus is now on impeccable timing and execution. As they onboard new partners, scaling the technical infrastructure is crucial, especially to handle the trading surges of the next bull market.

Anton Langbroek estimates that BTS is halfway to their goal of supporting 250 B2B clients and 200 million end-users. Aiming for a healthy 200% year-over-year growth, they’ve already gained a comfortable lead, thanks to the daunting entry barriers of infrastructure investment, stringent technology and liquidity standards.

Global ambitions are also brewing, with eyes on Asia and the Middle East, while the U.S. remains on the back burner due to legal and regulatory complexities. “Europe is our heartland and will stay so for the foreseeable future,” Langbroek asserts. “But we’re always scouting the horizon for new playing fields.”



Bitpanda is not just dipping its toes but diving headfirst into the world of private wealth management for the affluent investor. With a keen focus on digital assets, Bitpanda’s gearing up to take on family offices and banks, stirring up the private wealth scene with a fresh approach. They’re betting on the clock ticking for this venture, predicting that digital assets will soon be a staple in wealth management portfolios, with clients desiring all-in-one investment solutions.

Bitpanda is rolling out a personal wealth manager, too — but with a futuristic flair. They’re investing nearly $10 million to craft an intelligent advisor, not for pushing advice, but for empowering customers with tailored, accessible information to make informed decisions themselves.

A project aimed at turning regular traders into savvy pros through playful and personalized financial education, powered by artificial intelligence.

The goal?

To lower the barrier of financial inexperience and foster a more sophisticated trading community.

Bitpanda’s not just playing the crypto game — they’re reshaping it with Pantos, their very own blockchain interoperability project. Pantos is stepping up as the backbone for Bitpanda’s DeFi and Web3 ambitions, and here’s how it’s unfolding.

For the true potential of blockchains to be realized, they must communicate with each other — interoperability remains one of the crypto industry’s white whales. Over two billion euros were lost last year alone due to bridge exploits — malfunctions in the transfer processes between chains.

Pantos is tackling this with a unique design. Unlike typical bridges that lock tokens on one blockchain and mint them on another, Pantos employs a “Burn-and-Mint” approach. A token is burnt on Blockchain A, then natively reminted on Blockchain B.

Enter PANDAS (Pantos Digital Asset Standard), Pantos’ homegrown token standard. It’s a developer’s dream: create and launch compliant tokens within minutes that can fluidly transfer across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Pantos (PAN) Supported Blockchains
Pantos (PAN) Supported Blockchains

Pantos is set to officially kick off in the first half of the next year, gradually transitioning towards decentralization — a strategy that might just become a blueprint for Bitpanda’s future endeavors.

Pssst, here’s a little insider tip for you: Keep your eyes peeled for Pantos, Bitpanda’s very own blockchain interoperability maestro. Word on the digital street is that you’ll be able to stake your Pantos for rewards down the line. And who doesn’t like rewards, right?

Now might just be the perfect time to snag some Pantos while they’re as affordable as your favorite morning coffee. Because let’s face it, in the crypto world, today’s penny could be tomorrow’s dollar. So why not get ahead of the curve?

Time to wrap this up with a neat little bow, folks.

Think of Bitpanda as the Austrian Underdog of the crypto world.

Hungry for variety?
They’ve got a buffet of over 300 cryptocurrencies, glistening stocks, and shiny metals that’ll make a magpie swoon.

Want to dabble in crypto without breaking a sweat?
Their indices have got your back, adjusting to the market’s whims so you can kick back and enjoy the ride.

And when it comes to making your stash work harder, Bitpanda’s Cash Plus is like the financial gym for your euros, pounds, and dollars, flexing those interest rates even when you’re asleep.

Fancy some VIP treatment?
Step into the Bitpanda Club, where the crypto elite enjoy concierge service, and the BEST token makes you feel like royalty.

With Bitpanda’s BEST, you’re not just trading; you’re embarking on a journey to the financial promised land. Whether you’re staking to rake in rewards or using the Bitpanda Card to splash your digital cash like a rockstar, this platform has turned the complex into the convenient.

So, are you ready to join the legion of smart investors who’ve found their crypto haven?

Bitpanda’s not just my favorite app; it’s a powerhouse poised to redefine your digital assets experience.

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Kraken, Coinbase, and Bitpanda are top crypto apps and exchanges that offer robust features, security, and user-friendly experiences. Choose the one that fits your needs and start your trading journey with confidence.

While I’ve cherry-picked some of the most secure exchanges out there for you, always remember the golden rule of crypto — only keep on the exchange what you’re actively trading or staking. If you’re in it for the long haul, say with Bitcoin, play it extra safe. Transfer those precious coins off the exchange and onto your hardware wallet.

Better safe than sorry, right?


  1. What makes these apps and exchanges the best of 2023?
    Their innovative features, robust security, user-friendly interfaces, and competitive fees set them apart.
  2. How do I ensure the security of my investments on these platforms? Utilize all security features provided, stay informed, and activate 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  3. Can beginners use these platforms effectively?
    Yes, they are designed to cater to users of all experience levels.
  4. Are there hidden fees I should be aware of?
    Our top picks are praised for their transparency, but always read the fine print.
  5. Will these platforms remain relevant with the fast pace of crypto innovation?
    They have shown adaptability and commitment to growth, indicating they will evolve with the industry.

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