Building A Meaningful Dashboard

Product development is a balancing act. Listening to customers. Ignoring customers. Building something they want. Developing something they don’t know they want. All this comes into consideration when defining the roadmap for something new. Going through this process on a daily basis, we are happy to finally present our latest feature for investors:

Today we are excited to announce our Investor Dashboard - a powerful way to track your investments and manage your portfolio efficiently. never was just a collection of KPIs, APIs and a crazy amount of visualized data. Geckoboard, klipfolio and the many other dashboard softwares have their place.

What we do is different. Our platform is all about having few relevant numbers set in context with the startup’s development. We give investors real insights into their portfolio and its performance. Let’s have a look how we do this with our new dashboard:

Investor Dashboard (Mockup)
“The goal was building a place where investors can see portfolio outbursts instantly and zoom in for further information, before taking action.”

The investor dashboard is now the center of navigation. Many users were lost on the platform before, so we really had to tackle this immediately. With the “Hub and Spoke Navigation” investors can explore the complete platform via their dashboard. The concept was chosen as it is in line with our product strategy: Keep things simple without lacking quality! But what else is there that makes our dashboard unique for venture capital investors.

  1. All in one - Having all portfolio data in the same format, manually transferring and comparing is time-consuming and annoying. Now you open and directly see how your investments are doing.
  2. Visualization - On the dashboard we did not want to display absolute numbers. Why is that you may ask? For most investors the development of their startups is important. That’s why we show differences, peaks, and lows. As soon as something is striking, investors have the chance to visit the startup’s profile for more information. See the next point.
  3. Drill into detail - The platform is now set up to go guide users from an portfolio overview into company details. As long as the overall numbers are in line, there is no need for action. But really interesting is for example the case when a startup suddenly grows like crazy. You as investor should dig into it, find reasons for the positive development and share useful advice with other portfolio companies.
  4. Customization - For investor groups we defined a system. By following only startups the investment manager is responsible for, she can individualize her dashboard and notifications. Nevertheless with a filter access to the whole portfolio is still given.
  5. Call to Action - the dashboard has clear call to actions for investors. We improved the design to make clear how to invite investments, but also show overdue updates and companies where you as investor should take action.

Sneak peek on what is coming next: First we will release one more basic feature that is still missing - a “data room” where investors and startups can share important documents. The data room was frequently requested by our partners. In case you want to work with us more closely, have hands on new features and give regular feedback, please drop me a line at

After implementing a data room and UX/UI improvements in the next weeks, we are already preparing for some really exciting stuff for you. Follow our blog and on social media to know first about our next release.

If you are an investor and have any kind of input or want to get in touch with us, we are excited to get to know you! And if you are a startup or an investor and not registered yet, it’s time to give our new dashboard a try right here.