InvestReady acquires fellow 506(c) accredited investor verifier EarlyIQ

The combined company will be the largest non-broker-affiliated accredited investor verifier in the U.S.

Invest Ready


InvestReady, an industry-leading third-party provider of accredited investor verifications, announced today that it is acquiring its rival EarlyIQ, which also provides accredited investor verifications, as well as “Bad Actor” background checks and company diligence reports. InvestReady will be taking over operations of the EarlyIQ service and providing support for EarlyIQ customers to easily switch over to the InvestReady accreditation service over the next few months. Both companies specialize in verifying investors under U.S. SEC Regulation D, 506c, which allows issuers to legally advertise their offering but requires them to take “reasonable steps” to verify that investors participating in the offering are accredited. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Adrian E. Alvarez, Esq, CEO of InvestReady:

“Working with David and EarlyIQ over the past few months on our AccrediToken initiative, it was crystal clear that we were aligned in so many ways that it made all the sense in the world to combine forces. We’re going to have a database of over 50,000 accredited investors by the time things are finalized and more combined experience verifying accredited investors than any other company out there. We’re also both unique in that we provide the accreditation service but are not also affiliated broker-dealers, making us a neutral party that other brokers can trust will not try and take their investors. We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome EarlyIQ into the InvestReady family and can’t wait for the next phase.”

David Trissel, CEO of EarlyIQ:

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with InvestReady and combining resources, technology, and our vast databases to better serve the RegTech community. The combined company now has the best solution in the industry for our partners, customers, and investors.”

About EarlyIQ:

EarlyIQ is driving trust through transparency for investors and companies seeking early stage investment. Founded in 2012, EarlyIQ is the leading provider of simple, secure online diligence and compliance solutions for private financial markets including crowdfunding, peer lending, angel, accredited, private equity, and venture capital. Their efficient, secure and streamlined solutions are used to help evaluate private investment opportunities while also enabling compliance with Federal regulations including SEC Regulation D, Rule 506 accredited investor verification, Bad Actor compliance, and Regulation Crowdfunding.


About InvestReady:

InvestReady is the safest and most reliable investor verification and accreditation service in the world. We understand the complexity and sensitivity of requiring investors to verify and maintain their accredited status on an ongoing basis. Because we focus solely on this part of the investor accreditation and compliance supply chain, the result of our years of experience is a completely compliant, scalable, automated, and user-focused product that issuers and investors can rely on.

InvestReady verifies accredited investor status for 506c-regulated private equity issuers. With multiple APIs for customized integration options, InvestReady is an industry-leading financial technology firm that provides platforms, issuers, and investors with a variety of the tools to make private equity investing easy, secure, scalable, and flexible across different industries.

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