Investy — the beginning!

Right now you can buy Investy Tokens!

Buying IVC first 2 days, you get an additional bonus of 66%.

Developing the Investy project together with us, you also support all the cryptocommunity. Make a huge contribution to the development of new blockchain technologies. Buying IVC, you also support other cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is without a doubt the future of the financial world. If you with us, it means you are among those who move the world to the future!

Investy is a platform of decentralized investments, which makes it possible to invest in crypto-currencies, funds, portfolios and private traders in a transparent and safe way. The project provides the investor with a marketplace where he can choose a trader or fund and can be sure that the data on the work results that he sees are authentic. He can also be sure that his money will not be embezzled.

You can contact us in the Telegram. Also follow the news on our channel.

Stay Tuned!

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