We are present you Demo prototype ver. 0.0.1

Investy’s developers present the timeline of platform updates for the coming month.

The beta-version release is less than a month. But now everyone can register and try the prototype interface here.

Actual state

· Registration with email confirmation and authentication.

· All interfaces has adaptive design and work properly on PC monitors, laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones.

· Main page formed by random data with graphical view of current: users count; total investments sum (estimated in USD); detailing all invested cryptoassets in trading / portfolios; revenue dynamic by trading / portfolios at different periods and different counters currencies.

These indicators will soon become real

· UI prototype of traders search with some filters.

· Investor’s profile page with graphical view with random data of current: investments profitability; detailing of each investment type profitability: trading/trusted management/portfolios, detailing of the fraction of each investment type in users’ crypto assets.

Alpha release 23.10.2017 ver. 0.0.2

Creating crypto portfolios in demo mode, monitoring of its actual market value by Poloniex market data.

Alpha release 30.10.2017 ver. 0.0.3

Getting information by user’s Poloniex read only API-key about balances and showing graphical view of the fractions of each cryptoassets on account and portfolio market cost changing dynamic on real mode.

Alpha release 13.11.2017 ver. 0.0.4

· Real data instead of random on main page and profile page;

· Public portfolio mode in demo mode;

· Public portfolio marketplace in demo mode;

· Following public portfolios in your private one in demo mode.

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Site Investy

Web application: demo.investy.io

Stay Tuned!

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