What is Investy?

This is a team of enthusiastic professionals who have built a decentralized platform for investment in cryptocurrency.


Minimizing the risk of funds investing is the main idea of Investy platform development. Modern blockchain technologies allow solving this problem.
There is not enough trust to attract more investors to the crypto currency market. Guys from Investy created not only a platform, they created a community of people who trust in what they do and do it well.


You see a platform with a marketplace, where you can trade or give your money to trust management. The following question arises: what is new here?

The matter is that the platform is not a centralized holder of investors’ funds. And even a trader does not have access to your account. When opening a trust account, he receives only the key to transaction conducting. But even here is an anti-fraud barrier — Investy expert protection, which will not allow a trader to conduct suspicious transactions.

The prototype of the program is ready, and a beta version for pre-sale participants will be launched soon.

Within the Bounty-campaign for investors, the platform demo will be available, where users will have a certain amount of bitcoins on demo accounts.

There will be a competition before the release. In the course of this, a rating of traders will be made, the best ones will be awarded. The most important thing is that the history of trades will be recorded in the blockchain, what means that the rating of traders reflects real achievements, not a fictional history.

When a trader registers on the platform, investors see when the trader “entered” the platform, how many tools he has got now in the management and other parameters. Traders determine the amount of their reward in percentage terms. And the investor sees this condition in advance.

Investors can keep their assets on an exchange, which they trust more. We are planning to integrate with all the largest crypto exchanges: Poloniex, WEX, Bittrex, Bitstamp.

On the platform an investor can choose a trader that matches his expectations according to various parameters: profitability, a size of trader’s commission and of course a stock exchange, where a trader works.

After that, we connect a trader with an investor’s account, moreover, the investor can in advance set certain parameters and conditions, such as a stop-loss. For example, if he is afraid of a drawdown of more than 20% of the deposit, he puts a stop-loss and with such a drawdown the trust management will close.

Work is in the base currency, which is set by a trader: BTC, ETH. Since operations are made from an investor’s account, the profit is immediately saved on this account.


Investy earns on commission from the profit of investors: it is profitable for us when you earn.

If you have any questions, please text us on Telegram.


The revenue of the platform will be formed from: commission from the profit from management and subscription to services. Token holders will receive reduced commissions: the more Investy tokens are on a wallet, the lower the commission is. Imagine that you are investing $ 10,000 in management, and you double that amount for a month, the base commission of the platform is 5%, so, if the net profit is $ 10,000, the platform charges a base commission of $ 500. But if you have our tokens on your ETH-wallet, for example, for $ 5000, the commission will be $ 250–300.

If you no longer need the platform service, you can simply sell the tokens on the exchange.

Tokens will be used as subscriptions to platform services, so, if you want to use functionality of a demo account or trading robot testing, just keep a certain number of tokens on your ETH-wallet. After you no longer need the functionality, you can sell them on the exchange.

Also, to stimulate the growth of the token value, we will take a part of the platform’s net profit to buy tokens from exchanges at the current exchange rate, after what the tokens will expire. This will provide an effective demand and lead to an increase of the token price.

Click here to participate in closed pre-sale.


СЕО — Alexey Pershin mainly dealt with his own business projects, over the past five years has created more than 100 job positions.

СТО — Artem Golovachev took part as a tech lead in the development of the trade risk optimization system for Deutsche Bank.

CBDO — Pavel Zdorotsev took part in the creation of joint investment funds with the largest Chinese funds. He headed the department of the evaluation of investment projects at one of the largest banks in Russia.

Alexander Vedernikov is an experienced enterprise architect, he developed architectural solutions for Luxoft clients around the world

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