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4000 kms Away, And Here To Slay!

Meet our Russian marketing lead, Karina Zhdanova who bring her A game everyday!

How did you come across InVideo?

A friend of mine forwarded a Telegram message with a job vacancy to me and wrote “Look, it is a cool company with video related product it seems like perfect match!”

What was your interview experience like?

I’d say it was perfectly structured, fast and clear. After 5 minutes, I realized that I share the values and desire to build a great product. I definitely want to be a part of it.

Why InVideo?

It is more than 4000 km between me and my team, but I always feel supported. And we’re building a great product together!

Finally, what’s one moment/incident that stands out in your time at InVideo?

Reaction of my colleagues when I tell them the temperature outside gets me smiling. By the way it is -18 C today!




Behind-the-scenes of how we’re building the future of video creation in the browser.

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The future of video creation is in the browser, across devices, collaborative and easy. With users in 150+ countries, here’s how we’re scaling InVideo.

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