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I Got Referred And Rest Is History

Sency is the reason that our customers find us so easily. We’re just glad we found her!

A colleague thought I would be great for the role, and they referred me :)

Getting interviewed by Nirav (SEO Team) was smooth and quick. Not too quick though, as Nirav had lots to ask! It was more of a discussion than a typical interview process. There was no delay in the interview process, which is great, making me feel less anxious. All in all, it was fun.. and here I am :)

Being fond of creative stuff, I was convinced that this would be a great place to be in. Also it’s a learning experience to know how things function at a product level. I’m still climbing my learning curves!

I’ve noticed that folks here don’t exit the company easily and that’s wonderful, speaks a lot about its culture! This place is filled with opportunities, there’s lot to pick and learn from. last but not the least, monthly celebration with savouries and cake .. THE BEST and my favorite. Unfortunately, halted at the moment.



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