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I Knew Great Things Would Happen The Day I Was Hired Full-Time!

Meet Hrishikesh Iyer, our Support Engineer. One of the first interns to be hired full-time, he sure is a strong pillar of the Support Team!

How did you come across InVideo?

Through a college internship.

What was your interview experience like?

It was great. I was interviewed by Harsh when the office is Marol was still in the making. And I saw the motivation in Chirag and Sanket on that day as well.

Though mine was a rather long interview, it was quite fun. Harsh gave me some really tricky questions and some interesting riddles too. And I thought, ‘This is going quite tough.’ But a couple of days later, I received a call from Harsh asking me that to join InVideo as an intern!

Why InVideo?

InVideo is a fun place, not just to work, but to learn and help others as well. My first day was the toughest as Sanket, along with Pankit, Harsh and Zubair gave us the drill of how things work at InVideo.

It is a nice place to learn new and innovative ways to get things done. At the end of the day, you always get to leave the workplace with a smile

Finally, what’s one moment/incident that stands out in your time at InVideo?

That would be the day I was chosen to join the Support Team from the Tech Team by Pankit. I was shocked since I was the first intern to land up a job at InVideo.

Pankit seemed to like the way I put my interest in helping users when we, first, were released on Appsumo. That’s when he decided to send me in to help the users. I accepted that instantly! He also showed me the path I could take to become successful in helping InVideo the best.



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