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Our CEO Sent Out This Email And We’re Floored!

We began 2021 with quite the bang!


What a big move, right? We waited with bated breath leading up to the announcement. Days turned into nights, with all teams pooling in to implement this change, and for it to be announced to the world.

According to Forbes, “From increasing employee retention to boosting sales, transparency can do a lot for your small business’s reputation and success.

If your business is honest and straightforward, you may see a rise in your customer base. One study found that 94% of consumers would be loyal to a transparent brand.”

Okay, then. So, how did this translate from advice to a real business decision at InVideo?

Our CEO, Sanket Shah, shared this email with our customers on behalf of our team. Laid out as it is — no fabricated, sugar-coated messaging, and not apologetic about the decision!

“I believe 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. More so for us cause we were not able to deliver at the pace we wanted to — with respect to features/functionalities, etc.

For the entirety of 2020, we kept giving large discounts as we were figuring out how to make our ads work, or second-guessing if people would continue to subscribe to our product amidst a global slowdown. It led us to saying, let’s do ‘50% off’ on everything. It was an easy way out.

We were figuring out things and the cost of fixing things the right way was a lot higher than giving discounts, and we chose the easier path.

However, some reflection over the last few weeks has made us realise that this isn’t the right way to do things, and we do not want to build a brand that is constantly giving discounts to compensate for gaps that need to be fixed. We want to add value to our users where it matters the most and be fair. Hence, moving forward, we are making some changes and I will be super transparent about them with you folks:

(1) We will be stopping discounts. At the maximum, we might give a 15% off on some occasions but that is it.

(2) We are adding iStock (full library) to our plans — which means, the Business plan will include 10 iStock videos/images per month and the unlimited plan will give you 120 iStock videos/images per month on top of the existing features included in each plan. We are 30 days away from making it live.
This will automatically be added for everyone who has a subscription. We are bearing the cost of the assets with the intent of taking you one step closer to creating world-class videos.

(3) We are also launching new tools like our Background Remover that will be accessible to all our subscribers at no additional cost.

What this largely means is that we are adding much more value for all our users right from the onset of 2021, but at the same time the next 15 days are your LAST CHANCE to upgrade at 50% off! With every day, the discount will go down by 5%.

If you’ve been on the fence for a while thinking about getting an InVideo subscription or are looking to get started with videos for your brand in 2021, I’d say it’s NOW or NEVER!

Are you in? UPGRADE NOW.

Sanket Shah
Co-founder and CEO,

Thank you for leading the way, Sanket. We look forward to growing together and making InVideo the best editor there ever could be.

With regards,

Team InVideo.



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