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When Women Come Together, Powerful Narratives Follow — Unedited!

#UnEditedInVideo — an unfiltered and unabashed women’s day initiative, to celebrate women along with the world. Read on, sisters!

Happy women’s day to all the lovely women out there. We’re hoping your day and week is turning out to be fantastic. And here’s hoping you are celebrated every day like it’s women’s day!

“A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants.” — Coco Chanel

As this day was fast approaching, InVideo’s social team sat together (albeit, virtually) and started discussing how to kick ass this Women’s Day. While there is a lot of talk about women empowerment and motivational stories around us, we wanted to bring out the fun(est) element.

And hence.

#Unedited: A women’s day initiative, that celebrates the behind-the-scenes of every woman’s life. No matter what she’s doing, or the destination she’s reached, or the art she created, the journey to get there is what matters the most.

So, what did we do?

We began with creating a template on our website, one that brought out the best of blooper/behind-the-scene reels to life!

Here’s what it looks like:

We reached out to influencers, friends, friends of friends, employees and other fabulous women we know, got them to dig deep into their galleries for their funniest blooper/behind-the-scene videos and use it on our template.

AND GOSH, what a phenomenal response we got!

Within a day, we saw the trend catching up on social media with many women coming forward with their blooper videos. Uff, you could almost hear our team’s collective “AWWW”!

Sisterhood is beautiful. Women supporting women is a highly understated, much needed energy in our lives.

On behalf of the team, we really thank Jes, Mich Racasa, We The Flawsome, Smish, Richa Singh, Janaki Sabesh, Tulip, and many other creators for putting themselves out there and giving us the most engaging content! Do check out their #Unedited blooper reels. We loved them.

If you missed the fun with us over the weekend, here’s a compilation of the utter blast we had!

To cater to other brands, users, entrepreneurs and marketers — we also created a tray of Women’s Day Templates — a charming mix of inspiring, slice of life, listicles and more, thereby enabling one to make a stunning video for this special day in a matter of just a few minutes!

So then, what was the outcome of this campaign?

Here’s what our template stats look like — UNEDITED!

Our templates stands at number 1!
40% export rate of our women’s day templates

A whooping 40% of users exported the video after selecting Women’s Day templates — and now that’s a big success metric for our campaign!

While this left us feeling super pumped up and motivated, we also hosted a session on Clubhouse (iOS only app), to which we invited a group of 8 fearless, incredible women as panelists and opened up the topic about being a woman, the challenges we face and how much goes on behind-the-scenes in our everyday lives — completely #Unedited!

One and a half hours of conversation left us feeling so enthusiastic, and raring to do more! We’re happy to note that 60+ participants attended this session, making it a raving success with quality discussions.

Last but not the least, we dedicated a video to our very own female employees at InVideo with a special message.

“Nobody can make you inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you for reading thus far, and celebrating our joy in not just our campaign, but in the countless smiles we collected over the last week watching women share their journey with us.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with our upcoming campaigns, memes and banter!




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