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Larry Cornett, Ph.D.
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Upgrade to a premium subscription for my newsletter within the next 24 hours to save 50% on the usual community membership price! This offer ends on July 5th.

Once you upgrade to the premium subscription, I’ll invite you to my private community, where you’ll have access to my weekly office hours. Every Monday, we discuss the weekly challenges and professional development exercises that you’ll receive in your inbox.

What do you get when you become a paid subscriber?

  • A group coaching experience with a fresh professional development exercise or challenge delivered to your inbox every Monday.
  • An invitation to my exclusive community and weekly office hours in a private channel there. Get the advice, feedback, and support you need to get ahead in your career!
  • The content is like the service that I provide to my career development and leadership coaching clients — a $97/month value — but at a much more affordable price!
  • There are weekly questions, topics, and recommendations that help you plan what you want next for your career.
  • Engage with me in the subscriber-only comments and the private office hours channel so that we can discuss your answers and thoughts. This also allows me to give you additional feedback and recommendations.
  • Immediate access to the full archive of issues and podcasts (over 390 issues).
  • Listen to my exclusive podcast episodes on the website or listen in your favorite podcast app.
  • If you sign up for the yearly subscription, you will receive access to a bundle of courses that is worth almost $90!
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