Bank of America, Amalgamated Bank & JetBlue Renewable energy pledges

Future’s so bright, gotta wear shades.

Via Scientific American, 20 Sept 2016:

“Two American banks announced plans yesterday to become carbon neutral and power their branches and offices entirely with renewable energy in the next few years.
Bank of America Corp. said it would reach that goal by 2020, while Amalgamated Bank, a New York company that calls itself the nation’s “leading progressive bank,” said it would achieve that target in 2017.”

Via AeroTime, 20 Sept. 2016:

“JetBlue announced a ten-year renewable jet fuel purchase agreement with SG Preston, a bioenergy company, with expected first delivery in 2019.
The renewable jet fuel is made from rapidly renewable, bio-based feedstocks that do not compete with food production. The airline plans to purchase more than 33 million gallons (125 million liters) of blended jet fuel per year for at least a decade.
The fuel will consist of 30% renewable jet fuel blended with 70% traditional Jet-A fuel.”