Image: Teodor Bjerrang via Unsplash

CBS News: Penguins quickly disappearing from Antarctica due to climate change

As much as 85% gone in some places

The Adelie penguins need one essential condition to thrive. They need sea ice to hunt from, and there’s less of that around now.
“In the last several decades, the amount of ice along the peninsula declined by about, well, three months of sea ice,” Farry said.
“The sea ice season is three months shorter than it used to be?” Phillips asked.
“Correct,” Farry said.
At first, it was hoped the penguins had simply moved further south into the Antarctic in search of the ice they love. Sadly, it seems not.
“We do work other places down the peninsula looking for them,” Farry said. 
“You’re not finding them?” Phillips asked.
“Correct. We’re not finding them,” Farry said.