Chicken Feed Bag

I saw this idea on !YouTube, so can’t take credit for that. If you have access to “cute” feed bags, I think this is a great simple bag to make. Definitely wipe it/hose it down first.

What would you pay for this comely satchel?

I brought a couple of these with me to the farmer’s market on the weekend and didn’t have so much as an inquiry about them. I wasn’t presenting them correctly though, and I knew that. It was just a test.

I’m thinking I’m going to need some kind of “waterfall” rack.

But potentially free-standing or attached to my table. The problem there for displaying bags for sale is that it’s always windy as f**k. So anything that’s not solidly attached to the table is going to be fluttering and puffing a lot and not necessarily showing it’s good side to potential buyers.

And this is exactly why we make tests.