Cut Jeans Bag

I have been stockpiling over the past year cheap work pants whose zippers have had a fatal error, or who for other reasons have become unusable.

As part of my new sewing/bag-making experiments, I suddenly am looking at the world with new eyes.

Can I make that into a bag?

The possibilities start to seem endless.

With a little work, you quickly discover that your intuitions were right: you can make that into a bag!

I’m having a hard time imagining myself wearing or using this particular bag, but I think the idea is hilarious and worthy of further investigation.

The fly is stitched up, but if you had a functioning zipper on it, it could make a nice feature to leave it. But then, if the pants still work — why make them into a bag? Unless, maybe, you can find a way to make money upselling. I imagine a quick trip to the thrift store would net you a bunch of $4 pairs of jeans that in maybe 30 minutes or less each (once you get quick enough — I’m still “scaling up” my sewing skills) could probably bring in at least five times that amount, if you can find a place to sell/buyers, etc.

Should I open an Etsy shop for cut-off pants bags?

Big things have started from less.

The corners of this bag have boxed edges.

Made from “Walmart” Wrangler-brand brown jeans.