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Letter sent on Jul 4

Farewell from Invironment

Dear friends and readers,

We give up.

We don’t like saying “I told you so” (okay, we do like saying it a little — but in this case it’s really not gratifying), but it seems like all the things we as ‘environmentalists’ have been worried about for so long are now more or less in full swing. Or maybe we should say… free fall?

I know that sounds alarmist. But, IMHO, that’s the appropriate reaction to being on this planet right now, and in the days, months, and years to come.

I wish I could say that I thought it was all going to be fine. I’m not so sure... It feels like we who have been watching and paying careful attention may need to start drawing down our expectations from “success” to simply withstanding what is to come.

What that means will be something we’ll each have to figure out for ourselves. For my part, I see small hopeful signs of what it could look like: the arrival early in the season of a nesting pair of gray partridges to a meadow I’m restoring — and yesterday seeing the entire family including about a dozen speckled chicks foraging in the yard behind the house. It’s a small win, but I will take it. One tiny bit of magic returned to this planet, and transmitted to the next generation. It may be all we can do — and it may turn out to be a lot. Here’s hoping, at least!

Speaking of magic returning, while Invironment winds down, another collaborative “just for fun” project from your esteemed editors is taking flight. It’s called Liminal Seattle, and is an interactive map of literal magic breaking through from the hypogeum into our world. You can read all about it in the Seattle Times, and follow our weekly newsletter, delivered direct to your inbox.

We wish you and yours the best, and thank all our contributors and supporters over the past few years. May we all meet again on the other side!

Tim & Jeremy
July 4, 2018