Fresh herb mix for homesick Martians

It’s weird: as much doom and gloom as my personal pendulum swings toward, I’m still running my little mini-farm & garden stuff because… once the escape rockets for Mars have all departed, I’m still gonna need something to do with my days… nevermind something to eat.

Here is one little secret I’d like to share with all you off-worlders looking back fondly on your holo-device archives to a quaint Earth before everything went completely to shit: a nice fresh herb mix made of culinary herbs and wild edibles. You can throw this mix onto virtually any dish for a veritable “flavor bonanza.” By gum, a little goes a long way, friends! Change the method to suit whatever ingredients are available in your camp’s sterile drone-pollinated underground hydro grow-units:


(1) Find/grow/steal a bunch of edible herbs — you might remember them from your childhood or from colony Berenstain picture books: “green things.” Yes, you can eat them. Weird right?
(2) Take out all of the hard/tough parts which you’d just as soon not have to crap out into a Martian chemical dry toilet during your morning shift on the power-bikes. 
(3) Chop that shit up — if they still allow you to use “sharp objects” offworld. Maybe sharpen the edge of your colonial identification chip into a “shiv” of sorts. Failing that, you could always manually rip them into pieces I guess. But a shiv could come in handy, just saying. 
(4) Bag it for later use and stow it in a low-temp climate-controlled chamber. (But not freezing — well I guess you could freeze this [probably better to do it in oil], but it would defeat the whole point of a “fresh herb mix,” now wouldn’t it?) Will also endure quite a long time at room temperature for "BBQs" and similar group dining events. 
(5) Do you guys still have chickens? Because give them the stuff you’re not willing to digest and they will pop out these little round delicious things you can eat — I swear! Chickens totally seem like they’d adapt to offworld conditions no problem. Get your squad leader or block captain to look into it if it won’t get them written up by colonial authorities. 

Voila, future Martians eat your hearts out!