Garden Plan for 2016

Today I was able to finish up my garden plan and get my seeds ordered from Johnny’s. I’ve had very good success with the seeds from Johnny’s so I keep going back to them.

The left and top sides of the garden are the perennial side. From the Salad Burnett to the Lavender are all new one’s I’m trying this year. I’ll be trying to establish seedlings in a few months to give them a head start. I had been trying to establish asparagus in this area but it struggled most years and last year it never emerged. I think it may have been too wet there but I’m not sure exactly why it didn’t survive.

On the annual side the garlic is planted already. The onion, tomato, chamomile, and some of the herbs will be started from seed in a few months. The rest will be direct seed. I’m going to try to build a hoop house or some other type of protection for the area where the lettuce and other leafy greens/herbs are.

The garden plan is was made at GrowVeg. I’ve been using it for many years and I like it because it helps me to have a good rotation of plants and not plant things from the same family in the same place.

My garden is on the border of Zone 3 & 4 in southern Alberta. It’s a fairly short growing season with the last frost in late May and the first in early September. When summer comes things grow fast. We have fairly long days (~15 hours sunshine) that get to about 25C (77F) and nights around 10C (50F). Usually we don’t get much rain in July & August so watering is essential. I’ve been able to water mostly from rain barrels and drip irrigation over wood mulch.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

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