I’m pretty sure the world is ending…

The past 3 weeks I’ve been OCD-scanning for and re-posting compelling environmental news headlines to the pages of Invironment. And I’ve come away with one clear message:


This is more than just a brain burned out on reading too much news, this effect I’m seeing. The signs are everywhere when you just start putting the pieces together of what’s happening across the globe and start seeing the super-patterns, the tropes and architecture of chaos unfolding.

Pound your podiums, politicians. Pony up your promises, but we did it to ourselves. We do it each other… and we’re not going to suddenly fix it at the last minute. This isn’t going to be a Hollywood ending; this is going to be instead the true story that happens outside the studio when the actors get fat and old, poor and unpopular and die drug-addled in an alley somewhere...

I guess I’ve lost sight of the point of trying to warn anybody about anything.

I mean, it’s here. Welcome. Welcome home, even. This is really happening. This is what free fall looks like. I guess you can finally call me a “hopeless environmentalist,” because I’m all tapped out. I don’t have any more advice. I’m all out of ideas. And I know I won’t be able to afford tickets on the getaway rockets.

Guess I’ll just Netflix and 💅. Hopefully we can at least keep that running… You guys that get away, just make sure your transmission signals are strong enough to reach us desperate slobs dying back on Planet Earth.