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Jeremy Puma
Sep 16, 2015 · 1 min read

Invironment is now closed for submissions. Thanks to all our wonderful contributors over the past few years.

Thanks again!
- The editors

IInvironment is an independent Medium publication dedicated to Nature: inside of us and all around us.

We believe that nature is a continuum and we’re as much a part of it as rocks or trees, rivers or rabbits, elephants or hurricanes. We call it “participatory ecology” because the best way to be ecological isn’t just to be a passive observer, but an active participant in Nature.

Jeremy Puma, a Seattle resident, teaches classes and workshops in Foraging for Wild Edibles. He is certified in Landscape Design through Bastyr University and received his Permaculture Design Certification from the Permaculture Institute of North America. An avowed Radical Animist with a love for plants, Jeremy also believes in magic.

Tim Boucher is a small organic herb farmer and commercial wild foods forager living in Quebec, Canada whose work has appeared in Small Farm Canada magazine.


DIY Nature

Jeremy Puma

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Plants, Permaculture, Food, Spooky Stuff. Quatrian Folklore.


DIY Nature

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