Lammas Garden

The time of the First Fruits.

Flax flowers, I think

I’m not really into Biodynamic gardening or any of the attendant stuff, but I do kind of buy into the whole neo-pagan “Wheel of the Year” thing. That there are literal turning points in the seasons, in the calendar, in the turning of the planet in its dance through the heavens.

All moments have their attributes.

Some more charged than others.

Sorghum and friends

I am working on blended environments…


Frequency of signals.


Miniature cities.

The power is in the seeing.

Though others were harvested and set aside, the Grand Potentate was left to complete it’s cycle in Fullness.


Coltsfoot — growing on its own.

Rhudbeckia, no doubt.

What I did with the volunteer kale seeds…


Between me and the world.

Note traffic cone

Uphill battle.



Gradual harvest.

Repetition of forms.

Overstocking plants on purpose.

Weeding becomes harvesting.

Turkeys are moving into a new life phase.

Chicory in foreground

Coriander, oregano and woolly lamb’s ear.

I have lost control.

Let the plants sort it out.

Poireau (leek):

You can’t weed all the time…

Let a few grow to maturity and reproduce in place. {See also: gleaning, tithe}

Let them just express themselves…




Fig. (And sarrasin)

Crimson and clover.

Over and over.

Teff, what they make injeera with.


Amaranth, I think…

Don’t ask me which variety.

Birdnet is a highly-effective winged LAN wifi network I installed.

Chamomile Ile.

Sunflower power.

Beautiful mess. Cultivation.

At a certain point, we have to accept what we can and can’t control and strive instead to set up good conditions for success. And of course broaden our understanding and experience of success…