My Australian Dream

An Aurora as an explosion at Donally Creek, Alaska. Photo: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

When I was already here in Australia I had one of the most beautiful dreams I have ever had. Well, actually it wasn’t; but now I feel it is ;) I was receiving a speech about an energy called Aurora, something like a white ball capable of transforming ourselves.

As you know I am the kind of person that dream lots, and not just during the night. This is why I came. I just couldn’t stop dreaming in Brazil. And this is why I did a sabbatical; I had to find out what went wrong for me there. I couldn’t understand what made me arrive in a position where I should be so happy but I wasn’t.

I remember that a colleague and big friend of mine asked me what exactly I was searching for in Australia and I answered what I thought it was happiness. But now I know when we think too much we are illogical.

Since I arrived here I have been reading many mystical and religious books, not because I wanted to test God, but because I was all the time searching for inspiration everywhere I could. And you know what I found out? We have amazing treasures inside us, but we are not capable to look at them. When I look to the world today I feel how heavy it is our incapacity to do the right questions about life. We have the nature surrounding us but we rather ask if God exist.

And the result is that we completely forgot about Aurora. The beauty of rising with the sun and transform night in a soft dance of colors. We forgot how amazing is to look to the sky instead of concentrate in our belly. My eyes shine with gracious bellies, but my heart let me speechless with bright stars. The stars we choose to have in front of our eyes.

You can ask yourself where you should go to find the most shining starts but what really matters is where you are looking at and what questions you decide to do.

I asked myself many times how would I do to translate all the lines I write in Portuguese until I understand the right question was when I would start to think in English. If I don’t want my life goes on with such heavy duties, I should be the first one to decide dancing using lighter movements.

(Portuguese is my first language and this is my first free style writing using English mindset. I decided not to check if I did a good grammar and vocabulary job because be imperfect is also part of my dream)