My Garden in September

All of sudden it’s fall and I haven’t put anything up for a while. Summer in my garden is a lot of just letting it grow. We had a wet July so I didn’t get to water too much. (I enjoy watering because I put so much effort into my rain barrel collection and drip irrigation system.)

Drying herbs has been the most amount of work. Otherwise it’s mostly long season crops that are just maturing now. Carrots are my favourite because I just dig as needed and store the rest in the ground. I’m still working at the beets (maybe planted too many). Next will be the parsnips. Pumpkins are the final ones. Some are for Jack O Lanterns and the rest for pies.

The right side is still weighed to the ground with fruit.

An unexpected harvest this year was plums. Our tree usually gives a few pounds each year. This year there were 40lbs! We cored and pitted most of them and I was able to trade half of them for other fruit (raspberries, Saskatoons, and rhubarb).