Seed Order For This Year

Herbs, grains, legumes & wildflowers

I’m almost done placing my seed orders for this year. If you’ve ever spent weeks combing through seed catalogs, then you understand my excitement.

I sketched out recently some ideas for my 10,000 square foot (1/5 acre) garden recently and thought I would share what my final purchases were to inspire other gardeners to share theirs.

I’m beginning to analyze what exactly went down last year in my garden business, and moving my income and expense records from an OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet to Quickbooks, and I realized something important: I pretty much suck at growing conventional vegetables.

But I really get a kick out of the wild edible plants, along with the culinary and medicinal herbs. We’ve already got a bit of a wildflower thing going on, and I thought I would use this chance to push into some experimental patches of different grains/cereals, grasses and friends. My goal, as always, is to essentially nativize my garden invitees and see who is able to survive in the natural conditions of our landscape, without any watering outside of rain, and with only minimal weeding (usually in the form of harvesting). The vast majority of the below is also going to be direct-seeded, just to see what happens.

In fact “wild-simulated” is my theme for this year and I plan to make my garden into a kind of foraging paradise.

The bulk of my seed purchases are from four companies:

  1. Johnny’s Select Seeds (Maine, USA)
  2. William Dam Seeds (Ontario, Canada)
  3. Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds (Saskatchewan, Canada)
  4. Vermont Wildflower Farm (Vermont, USA)

From Johnny’s

Lime Light Spray Millet
Perennial Lupine
Hybrid Pearl Millet
Minutina (Specialty Green)
Toscano Kale
Windsor Bean (Fava) 
Top Bunch Collard 
Gruner Red Purslane
White Sage
Giant of Italy Parsley
Italian Dandelion 
Common Valerian
Magenta Spreen (basically a purply lambsquarters)
Kolibri Kohlrabi 
Orazio Fennel 
Catalogna Italian Dandelion 
Goldberg Golden Purslane
Tetragonia (Specialty Green) 
Claytonia (aka Miner’s lettuce)
Garnet Stem Chicory 
Vit (Mache / corn salad)
Red Leaf Vegetable Amaranth (calaloo)
Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify 
Common Chamomile
Sweet Clover
Crimson Clover

From William Dam:

Soybean — Red Milo Mix 
Sorghum Sudan Grass 
Black Cumin 
Black Broom Corn 
Bloody Dock 
Red Flash Orach Atriplex
Elephant Head Organic Amaranthus 
Velvet Curtains Amaranthus 
Hot Biscuits Amaranthus 
Hu Hsien Amaranth 
Gallery Mix Lupins

From Mumm’s

Garbanzo bean (chick pea)
Flax, brown
Lentils, crimson
Lentils, black
Lentils, large green
Mustard, brown
Quinoa, black
Quinoa, white
Wheat, kamut

From Vermont Wildflower Farm

All perennial wildflower seed mix
Wildlife wildflower and forage crop seed mix

There are a few other oddball items (bhut jolokia, Chinese five color and piri-piri peppers) that I will probably also pick up. I have already a bunch of seed on hand from the last couple years to pull from as well. And a certain amount of the fine herbs for next year I will just buy in as seedlings at the beginning of the season. Plus I still have to figure out where to buy some of the berry and shrub things I want, but this is a good enough beginning for now!

What seeds are you ordering for this year?