Take the WILD FOODS Challenge!

This June, let your table GO WILD


Wild Greens and Flowers “Kimchi!”
To celebrate wild edibles, this June, join us for the WILD FOODS CHALLENGE!


  1. For the entire month of June, celebrate Wild Foods by finding and foraging what’s available in YOUR area!
  2. Don’t purchase ANY vegetables for the entire month.
  3. ALL meals and snacks should include wild edibles.
  4. ALL vegetable dishes should contain a wild edible as the main ingredient.
  5. ALL seasonings should be made with foraged ingredients.
  6. ALL flavored beverages should be informed by foraged ingredients.
Turn the Left into the RIght


  1. This obviously won’t apply to animal proteins for most people, but if you hunt/fish/etc., by all means extend the challenge!
  2. Vegetables grown in your own garden are permitted, but as supplements, not features.
  3. Non-wild grains/flours are permitted.
  4. Salt and pepper are permitted. Honey may be used if no foraged sweeteners (e.g. Licorice fern) are available.
  5. Food at social events to which you are invited/dinners out are permitted. However, food made for potlucks should follow the challenge!
Stuffed dock leaves!

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Tell your friends, and GO WILD this June!