The Recitation of the Fox (Part 12) — Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted
Jeremy Puma

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The Recitation of the Fox (Part 13) — Various Important Matters

The fox continued….

So. Get this: ya’ll are too hung up on the world ending. The world isn’t going to end– it’s a bad idea to keep this idea in your head that everything’s going to come to a close someday. Remember what I said about prophets and how they’re no good anymore? How many times have people said the world’s going to end, and has it ever happened? No. It has not.

If somebody tells you the world is going to end, that person is trying to sell you something.

This also applies to “major shifts in consciousness,” or “earth-shattering cultural events.” There’s really no such thing. Yeah, a lot of terrible things might happen to a lot of people all at once, or a lot of wonderful things could happen, too, but the place where Things Happen doesn’t work in terms of “beginnings” and “endings,” only “keeps goings.”

Like, consciousness, dig? Consciousness is an inherent part of the Things That Happen. Without consciousness, you couldn’t have measurement, and without measurement, you can’t have Things Happen. So consciousness is going to continue, as long as there’s a thing in which to continue. You can’t really be “saved” from Things That Happen while they’re Happening, see?

That’s why all the people who claim to be “Savior” lately have missed the mark. There have been a few perfectly good Messiahs in the world, but none of them really managed to get their messages across. All you humans want the same thing: you want to be comfortable, to not have to worry about getting hurt, to have nice, respectful interactions with one another (okay, some people don’t want these things, but they’re Critter-led and DOING IT WRONG).

Why hasn’t any of the good advice given to you, by perfectly good people who only wanted to help… why hasn’t this advice worked? Well, a lot of it has. Most people are perfectly nice. What hasn’t worked is that ya’ll have never really been “saved.” The reason for that is, the only thing anybody’s ever needed to be saved from is unhappiness, and the only person who can save you from unhappiness is you.

How do you save yourself from unhappiness? Through sufficiency, consideration and family. That’s all there is to it.

Hey, want to learn a cool trick? I can teach you to levitate, to shoot fire from your hands, and to see through walls. Nah, I’m kidding– ya’ll have already figured out how to do that stuff with your airplanes and video games and windows. But, I can teach you something even more amazing: I can teach you how to calm down and pay attention.

It’s like this: when I’m walking around in the forest, hunting a meal or whatever, I know how to read everything around me. Not just the physical stuff, but the entire chain of events that led to the physical stuff:

  • I know what the other animals were when they were young, and what they were before they were born.
  • I know the kinds of seeds that grew into the trees around me.
  • I know what the ground was before I walked over it, and where the water that flows through the forest came from.
  • I know what the weather was, and what it will probably be.

To me, this is meditation, but it’s also how I move through the Place Where Things Happen.

Lots of people talk about meditating; I think this whole “using meditation for insight” is kind of self-centered. It’s better, and way more useful, to meditate by becoming extra-aware. There’s an idea that meditating is hard; meditating is actually really easy. Most creatures that live in Things That Happen already know how to do it. What’s hard is to tell when you’re doing it right. What you have to do is this:

Still yourself, and breathe. Pay attention to your breath. You can count it, or name it, or even look at it if it’s cold out and you can see it. Only think about your breath. Now, start paying attention to the Things That Are Happening around you. Soon, if you do it right, you’ll be able to feel something using you to pay attention, and you’ll start to get extra information, like what a thing is doing where it is, and how it got there, and what it was previously. Then, start noticing how Things are reacting to you, and move along.

That’s all there is to it! The Spooky Lady can help with this– she’s especially good for helping out with meditation. The cool thing is, once you get really good at this, you’ll be able to use it while you’re walking around, or when you’re talking to other people.

Try it out!

That’s what knowledge is, really– knowing how to live your life and be happy about it. There’s no real secret, mystical tradition that’s going to reveal everything to you. Most people who’re into secret, mystical traditions are trying to sell stuff. You may feel this deep, burning desire to run out and get enlightened, to look after some kind of “Truth,” but you know what? You can’t. No such creature. There’s just the Things That Happen, and what you choose to do with ’em.

Oh, you can go and be a monk or sit around and ‘meditate’ in your free time, and there’s some value in that kind of thing if you can find it, but there’re way more interesting things you could be doing with the little bit of time you have. You could go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and pray all the time, and some people who do that are in good shape, but unless your whole life is your church, you’re not gonna get anything from it. You can memorize names of deities or find out what symbols mean, but they’re still all part of the Things That Happen, those symbols. What’re you gonna do with that information, anyhow?

If you wanna get enlightened, well, that’s okay, but be sure you have a lot of time to waste on it. If you want my opinion, it’s not even really worth it, unless you get to a point where you find that looking for enlightenment is fun, and can help your family. Hell, is there even such a thing as enlightenment for humans? Maybe, but you’d be hard pressed to convince me it’s something you need to work to do. All the weeds and wild plants, they’re already enlightened, you know? And how hard did they have to work for it?

Sure, there are some enlightened people, but they don’t go around showing it off. Anybody who tells you he’s enlightened is probably delusional, or trying to sell you something. You can’t tell whether somebody’s enlightened by what that person says or teaches– you can only tell by what that person does.

Okay, fine. You really want knowledge? You need to think well, to feel well, and to experience Glory in the mundane. The Spooky Man and Spooky Lady can help you think and feel well, but most people think that to experience glory in the mundane you need to sit around and quiet your thoughts. That sometimes works, but it’s the hard way. There’s an easier way!

People get a lot of flak these days for over-sharing, for letting everybody know what they had for dinner, for showing all these pictures of their dogs and babies and gardens, but really, that’s all good. It’s nice to know what people you like do on their anniversaries. Finding out what your cousin had for lunch is way more important and valuable than finding out the Seventy-Two Names of God.

Seeing your friend’s little baby making a mess with chocolate is an amazing thing to see!

Having a glass of wine with your husband or wife and watching game shows on TV is a far greater and more satisfying Truth than learning how to ascend through the Seven Heavens and what it means that President Whassit said something to Whomsees last night.

Enjoy the mundane! It’s what ties you humans all together! Shared experiences that don’t hurt anybody are fantastic. See your interactions with one another as new experiences, novel new ways for the Mystery to reach out through you and explore the Things That Happen.

“Mundane” doesn’t have to be “boring.” Mundane is just what you incorporate into your every day. Mundanity, for you, might be talking about space exploration, or about what you’re gonna have for dinner, or about how great dogs are. Mundanity might be building things with blocks, or designing a bathroom, or finding out how your nephew did in his soccer game. The thing is to make your worldview into a Usual worldview, and really participate in it. That’s how you find Glory, and how you can get happy, and that’s really all you need.

Really, do what you want. If you get off on playing spiritual mumblety-peg with all the old ways and the way they’ve been doing things, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with doing things the way they’ve been done. I’m just telling you about a new approach that was suggested to me, and I think I’ve touched on the major points I was trying to make.

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