The Recitation of the Fox (Part 1)
Jeremy Puma

The Recitation of the Fox (Part 2) — Now

The fox continued….

Why now? Because what better time than immediately! Look, there’s a lot of people talking about how “the Earth is in trouble,” and, “you need to save the planet,” and whatnot. This is all nonsense. The planet is fine. Earth isn’t going nowhere. There’s not a thing you can do to the planet that’s gonna end it. You can throw whatever you want into the water, cut down as many trees as you want, frack and strip-mine the dickens out of the mountains, kill off entire species– the Earth won’t mind. It’ll keep on plugging away, adjusting as need be, balancing itself as well as it can. Earth doesn’t need saving.

Humanity, on the other hand… well, you may have some things to be concerned about.

First of all, you’ve got to have noticed that Things are Changing. Weather’s getting unusual. Food’s getting more expensive (for those of you who can afford to buy food). Things are getting different, for your generations, than they were for generations previous. Dumb to claim otherwise.

This is always the case: shit changes. But, lately, your problem is that shit is changing everywhere, for everyone.

Look, it doesn’t matter what you call it: “Climate change,” “Fluctuations in weather patterns,” “Global warming.” You could even call it, “This Summer Sure Is Hot!” Fact is, things are getting different. Maybe it’s because of something “mundane,” like fluctuations in the sun’s intensity. Maybe it’s because humans are gassy creatures and there are a lot of you. Hell, it COULD BE that this is all normal, in the really grand scheme of things. COULD BE that nothing unusual is happening at all, if you look at charts and graphs going back thousands of years. But hey, it’s happening. Now. And there’s no turning back; you’ve reached the end of the road to have any real impact on these changes, at least in your lifetimes, and in your children’s lifetimes. (If you aren’t willing to accept this, you may as well stop listening now. This isn’t for you.)

Like I said, Earth’s gonna adjust. It’s its own system, and if every human stopped breathing tomorrow, there’d still be oceans and mountains and such. Might look a little different. Might have different creatures living in them, different plants growing. But you, humanity, you’re running some real risks of facing down a period of serious discomfort.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about the end of the world, or even the end of civilization. I just mean, it’s time to face the facts that you missed your chance to take the easy way out, so doesn’t it make sense, then, to think about looking for ways to adjust to that discomfort now, before it really hits?

So how you gonna do that? Science and Technology are good tools, sure. Not taking advantage of these methods of exploration is ridiculous. It’s like not letting your kid get medical treatment because some jerkass told you it’s bad to get a blood transfusion. Here’s one thing, though: all technique expands to fit all of its potentialities. Science and Technology are neutral. This means that as soon as somebody invents a microwave oven, the potential exists for somebody to make a microwave weapon. And they will. Gotta be careful about that.

Of course, unless you’re directly involved in scientific or technological research, you might not even see the results of the benefits coming from science, especially if you can’t afford to. Rich people are always gonna be first in line for cyborg parts, get me? For most of you, a better thing to consider is, how is what you’re doing impacting your family?

Remember, when I say family, I’m not talking about your blood relatives. I’m talking about the people who you’d want to say goodbye to if you knew you were gonna die. Might be nobody you’re biologically related to fits that bill, but usually it’s a mix of your biological relatives and your friends. These are the people you impact most in life. Are they comfortable? Are they healthy and happy? Do they have enough to eat?

Some things to consider: can you grow a garden? Can you cook for yourself? Can you make clothes? You don’t have to do these things, but maybe if somebody in your family knows how to do them, you could do something for them, and then if things get bad in your area, you’ll be a little more ready. Or, maybe your family is like synergistic, and you all have all of these useful abilities, and so if it gets really hot one day, or super-cold, you’ll find one another and help one another out.

Why else right now? Because there’s a Numinous Mystery that shows itself when there’s a crisis (and there’s always a crisis, so it’s always showing itself if you know where to look). You can call it whatever: God, Goddess, Allah, That Big Ol’ Thing (which is what the rabbits call it), Limitless Light; you get the idea. I’m how it’s showing itself to you at the moment, but it can be different for everybody. The Fullness flows from the Numinous Mystery, and back to it: the Living Animals Run Back and Forth Like Lightning.

So how does the Numinous Mystery fit into all this? “Spirituality” is great, and people asking questions about “spirituality” is fantastic, but not everybody wants or needs to experience the numinous. If you do, that’s great– maybe that’s a good contribution you can make to your family! But listen– there’s a reason most monasteries have cooks.

Why am I here? Why are you here? Most likely, it’s because the Numinous Mystery needs our help to explore– it’s too imperfect for the Mystery to fit into whole-cloth, so you get to help it take a look around. (This could be wrong, though. I’m just a fox.)

As far as questions go, if you want to be happier and to know more about your place in things, then the only important question is, What’s the current situation? That’s the question that binds you together, those of you who find these words meaningful. Which means that’s a religious question.

A lot of the religions out there right now aren’t working. First of all, a lot of them are treading water by focusing on how you should all be nice to one another. Duh.

By now, if you’re involved in human society and you have to be constantly reminded that being nice to one another is important, that hurting and killing people is bad, then religion isn’t going to help you one bit.

Yeah, it’s nice to have some fun stories and some moral support when you’re trying to be nice to people who aren’t nice back to you, but listen: cooperation and helping each other out is an innate part of experience. Otherwise, you’d have gone extinct a long time ago. Yeah, there are a lot of violent jerks in the world, too, but on the whole, cooperation seems to be working a little better for you.

And another thing: other religions are so concerned with the mystical experience that they forget that mystical experience doesn’t have a lot of impact on most people. If it did, wouldn’t you be in a lot better position than you are now? I mean, it’s fantastic to tune into the God channel, and if it’s your thing, you should totally do it, but after a certain point it gets to be like when somebody’s addicted to television.

This actually applies to religion writ large– you can get so preoccupied with being religious that you start doing asinine things, like refusing medical treatment or trying to get other people to think the same way you do.

Let’s not forget that a lot of religions get really self-important about their stories. Their stories are amazing, powerful truths, up until the point where they start to make peoples’ lives more difficult. You really think some God over there gives two shits if two guys or two gals want to get married to one another? What kind of nasty God would want fewer expressions of love in the world?

Of course, the biggest beef I have with religion is that nobody’s willing to admit that no God is all-powerful. Geez, it answers so many questions, people. What you call “God” needs your help. You have some responsibility here, to help out whatever divinity you go with by doing what you can to keep this place livable for consciousness, and to explore as much as possible.

This is a little doom-and- gloomy, but all isn’t lost. Think about how amazing it would be if you kept ourselves around and comfortable enough to start exploring the rest of the universe? Think about how much more you’d learn and know, and how much more the Numinous Mystery would learn and know if you did these things?

Here’s a little secret, though: no matter what, consciousness is gonna be fine.

You think in all of this big universe and the areas beyond it, something as stubborn as consciousness is gonna vanish, even if all of you humans bit it? Ask yourself this question: what would the other planets look like if there weren’t any humans around to see them? What would a comet look like if you couldn’t use a telescope to find it? What did all of those alien planets out there look like before they were ‘discovered’ by humanity?

The Universe needs consciousness, get it? The “higher powers” need consciousness to help keep an eye– or ear– on this crazy place, and if humans end up not cutting it, They’ll come up with another way to do it, and you’ll get to help. You might end up being a three-eyed tentacle monster who lives on a moon circling a gas giant, but consciousness will be there, too.